Best High Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer

best high velocity dog grooming dryers

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Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to roll all around in wet conditions. Because indeed, our fur babies have thick and multi-layered coats. Water residues within their hair follicles might result in them catching a severe cold. The best high-velocity dog grooming dryers are those types of devices which are specially designed in such a way so that they are able to remove water and moisture efficiently from their body. But the dog dryers are indeed different from that of the human dryers. The dog dryers should turn hot like a human dryer because it might be unbearable for them. That’s why the selection of the best dryer for your pooch is indeed necessary.

What Makes A Dog Dryer Special?

The most important thing that you should look for while selecting a blow dryer for your dog is variable speed adjustabilities. At least two-speed variability is a must for the product of your desired blow dryer being the best. The slower speed will enable you to have a perfect dry over the sensitive spots, like the face. And the faster speed will allow you to have a quick and easy dry over your dog’s coat. The higher speed is used in order to make the session fast and dry up all the water droplets together within a short period of time.

Why Is It Necessary To Use A High-Velocity Force Dryer?

Most experienced dog owners are seen to be using the best high velocity dog grooming dryer for fast drying of their fur babies. There’s indeed a worthy reason behind their doing so. Using high-velocity dryers enables them to make the drying session faster. Moreover, the high-velocity dryers utilize high air pressure in order to innervate up to the thick coat of your dog. These dryers are able to absorb moisture and remaining water faster and easier. The drying session indeed needs to be conducted within a very short period of time; otherwise, it might result in causing the growth of fungus within their paw pads and some other zones.

What Does High Velocity Dog Dryer Mean?

Dog high-velocity dryers are such a type of designed dryer running quite different than that from the traditional dryers. They run with their extraordinary powerful strength, and so it becomes easier to eradicate extra moisture and water droplets within the thick coats. These types of dryers allow you to dry all coat types in dogs and have a quick and beneficial efficiency.

The Best High-Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer

There are some specific traits of those dryers which can be termed as the best ones. Some of the important features that you need to look for carefully while purchasing your dryer include:

  • Variable speed adjustability
  • Availability of at least two speeds
  • Easy portability facilities
  • Heavy airflow
  • Availability of heat settings

A short list of the quality ensured Best High Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer is described as follows:

  • Flying Pig Flying One 4.0 HP Motor High-Velocity Force Dryer For Dogs
  • Shernbao Professional 5.0 HP High-Velocity Dog Grooming force Air Drying Blower
  • Shelandy 3.2 HP Dog Force Air Dryer With Adjustable Speed Variability And Heater
  • K9- III Variable Speed Adjustability Featured Blow Dryer For Dog Grooming
  • Double K 2000 XL Dog Blow Dryer With Variable Speed Adjustability
  • XPOWER Model B-24 Dog Grooming Blow Dryer Of 3 HP With Heat Adjustability
  • EZ Groom Variable Speed Adjustable Dog Grooming Force Dryer
  • Speedy Dryer Dual High-Velocity Blow Dryer

Reading just a few words concerning the enlisted products above won’t require much time. Special traits of these dryers are mentioned likely below.

8 Best High Velocity Dog Grooming Dryers
Flying Pig Flying One 4.0 HP Motor High-Velocity Force Dryer For Dogs

Most importantly, the following dryer, the Flying One high-velocity force dryer has been constructed with stepless variable controllable features over airflow. It’s equipped with a powerful motor of 4.0 HP. And also, this dog grooming blow dryer has as many as three heat adjustability features, namely- no heat (off), low heat and high range of heat ranging from 81 degrees Fahrenheit to160 degrees Fahrenheit. The dryer is made of such a powerful motor that it can cut down the time period of the drying session. The dryer is made to be available in three different colors like – green, purple and pink.


  • Made up of a strong 4.0 HP powerful motor
  • Equipped with a flexible hose of convenient 10ft, 2 nozzles and a filter
  • The following powerful motor is 12.72 Amperes and 110 volts.
  • Three different heat adjustability features are included- off, low heat and high heat of 81 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Air volume of the high-velocity dryer is 240 CFM
  • Air speed accessibility of the dryer is 28000 FPM which is 1400 watts.
  • Dryer has been constructed with a steel shield and made hard for use for years.
  • A high-velocity dryer is included with stepless variable control of air flow ranging from low to high.
  • Reduces the time span of drying session up to 60 percent
  • Said to be an accurate choice for dogs of all coat types
  • Available in three different colors, like green, purple and pink.
  • Included with a warranty of one year


  • Not appropriate for cats
Shernbao Professional 5.0 HP High-Velocity Dog Grooming Force Air Drying Blower

Shernbao high-velocity blow dryer is termed to be a professional one because of its high power of 5.0 HP and advanced speed accessibility. This dryer is also upgraded to be safer because of the addition of heat insulators newly. Four different convenient switches are made available in it, namely infinity wind volume variability switch, heating switch, switch for normal temperature and the off switch. Compared to the other traditional grooming dryers, the Sherbao high-velocity blow dryer is an improved one with 60 percent more efficiency, which helps you in saving time in the case of large dogs. It’s made available in four colors- black, pink, green and purple.


  • Made with an improved motor having an efficiency of more than 60 percent, which makes the drying 50 percent faster.
  • Dryer includes two temperature settings, varying 55 to 131 degrees of Fahrenheit.
  • The speed adjustability of the efficient motor dials from 15 FPM up to 64000FPM
  • Good for the noise-sensitive dogs
  • Newly added heat insulators to prevent risky heating up
  • Included with a flexible hose of 4ft to 8ft, 3 different nozzles and air filters
  • Suitable for both professional use and home use.
  • Ergonomic handles are ensured for comfortable use
  • Quite, durable and with a higher efficient motor of 5.0HP
  • Maximum air flow using this blow dryer is 210CFM
  • Runs on 110 volts supply or 15Ampere
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Dryer is included with a warranty of 12 months


  • Some users claimed issues with the hose after 2 years of use
Shelandy 3.2 HP Dog Force Air Dryer With Adjustable Speed Variability And Heater

Like the most other dryers on our list, the Shelandy advanced 3.2 HP force air dryer is also featured with a heater stepless adjustable speed. Well, this blow dryer is specially designed to provide facilities, especially for the heavily coated dogs. It’s made with a highly beneficial motor which is capable of drying up even the giant dogs starting from the little cats. That means the unique trait of this dryer is that it can be used in case of both dogs and cats of all sizes. This dryer has been made available in two different colors- blue and pink. Other included features of the following blow dryer include noise reduction and a heat management system.


  • The dryer works with a power of 2400 watts
  • Suitable voltage supply required for running this blow dryer is AC110 or 120volts
  • Variable air flow facilities are also enabled in this dryer which ranges from 60MPH to 135MPH
  • Included with a long and flexible hose of 65inches
  • Package includes 4 different types of nozzles for drying in different styles.
  • Flexible hose is capable of expanding up to 73 inches
  • Dryer includes newly included noise reduction technology and a heating temperature adjustment
  • Suitable for the giant cats starting from the little cats
  • It’s said that this dryer is capable of drying up a Golden Retriever of 60 pounds within 30 minutes
  • Dryer includes a simple warranty claimed 1 year with free replacement.


  • Dryer can’t run in electricity supplies other than AC110 or 125 volts.
K-9 III Variable Speed Adjustability Featured Blow Dryer For Dog Grooming

The K-9 III is quite an efficient dryer with variable speed adjustability. Moreover, this dryer has been accessed with such a facility that you can also control the airflow of this dryer from 0 to 100 percent relying upon the breed and size of your fur baby. The K-9 III dryer is easy to maintain if compared with the K-9 II dryer. It’s quality has also been improved so that you can control the air speed according to your dog’s breed. Though in maximum packages, the consumption is enlisted as 18.1 AMPs, this dryer actually draws various loads at various times.


  • Variable speed adjustability included with the dryer
  • Includes two variable switches for high-velocity water blow out and low-velocity blow.
  • Air flow of this dryer varies from 0 to 100 percent according to your dog’s breed and size.
  • Package includes a 10 inches long hose, two filters and a round and a flat blow tip.
  • This dryer is made available in two different colors – blue and purple.
  • Easy to manage
  • Long lasting and durable
  • High-quality motor with improved efficiency
  • Included with a two years warranty


  • Not preferable for cats or kittens.
Double K 2000 XL Dog Blow Dryer With Variable Speed Adjustability

The Double K Challengeair 2000 XL runs on a power of 1048 watts. This dryer is capable enough of producing more air comparatively because of its special design of aerodynamic housing. Moreover, because of its polyethelene housing structure, this dryer produces a comparatively lower sound which is about 85dB. The dryer is also included with as many as 6 versatile attachments for an easy and comfortable grooming session. Though it has a single powered motor, still its high efficiency and force air blowing feature make it a recommended choice by professionals.


  • Double K 2000 XL dryer runs on 9.11 Amperes or 115 volts
  • Air volume by the force dryer is 124CFM
  • Motor is very powerful, which is 3HP
  • Very silent when it is in use, likely only 85 dB
  • Acts very quiet because of its innovative housing design
  • Equipped with a newly added ergonomic nozzle system
  • Preventive from rust or dirt
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Highly recommended by the professionals
  • Included with a 2 years guarantee and a 30 days money-back satisfaction warranty


  • None
XPOWER Model B-24 Dog Grooming Blow Dryer Of 3 HP With Heat Adjustability

This dryer is effectively used by professionals because of its high power along with heat advantage variability to dry your dog with ease. Again, this dryer is comparatively 40 percent quieter than most other dryers available. The device is lightweight and runs at a super powerful speed which is 31,000 RPM. The dryer runs at such a beneficial speed in a very low electric consumption of 12 Amperes only. It’s also included with a multiple washable filter system which keeps it working with the highest efficiency for a longer period of time. Overall, it’s an obvious state that this dryer is undoubtedly a suitable choice for beginners and professionals.


  • Runs on a very powerful and efficient motor of 3HP and power of 12 amperes
  • The amount of voltage required to run this dryer is 115Volts
  • Opportunities for air pressure and air volume control are enabled
  • This dryer makes noise less than 40 percent of the other existing dryers on the market
  • Included with variable speed controlling features and two heat control options
  • 10ft of cord and an 8 ft long hose are also a part of it
  • Specially made with ABS design makes it lightweight as well as durable in use
  • Gives a complete control of air and temperature needed to dry all breeds and all sizes of dogs from large to small
  • Also helps in drying those dogs who have those coats which are difficult to dry.
  • Compatible with Wall Mount Kit and Stand Mount Kit.
  • A limited warranty of a year
  • Fruitful for being used by professionals and beginners.


  • Users claim a degraded quality of the hose
EZ-Groom Variable Speed Adjustable Dog Grooming Force Dryer

This following dryer has been known to be highly popular among dog owners because of its lightweight and powerful performance. Its variable speed features provide innumerable features, namely – the low speed for delicate fluff, for small breeds and for sensitive detailing. And the high volume speed can effectively be used for drying up the large dogs. That’s why this dryer has been a preferable choice for professionals. It cuts the span of dog drying sessions by 50 percent.

Ez Groom High Velocity Dryer


  • One of the quietest dryers in the market and has been a good choice for noise-sensitive dogs
  • Easy wall-mountable features also ensured
  • Lightweight of only 14lbs and comfortable in use
  • Energy consumption by the following dryer is only 9.8 Amperes.
  • Availed with a variable velocity feature from 0 and up to 130 CFM
  • Designed with a rugged polymer designed housing
  • Equipped with easy wall-mountable features
  • Included with a high-quality crush-resistant flexible 9ft long hose and a 9ft powerful cord, and two high-quality nozzles
  • The low speed helps in delicate fluff, for small dogs and for sensitive detailing.
  • The high-speed heavy blow is for the large dogs.
  • Cuts off the time span of regular drying sessions by 50 percent
  • Regulates the air flow control within 11 degrees to 14 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Included with a 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Three different colors, pink, purple and Granite


  • Some owners found the dryer to be noisy
Speedy Dual High Velocity Blow Dryer

The Speedy dryer dual high speed belongs to the M900 series. In this series, the M980 is used specifically for extra super high velocity. And the mentioned product is a collection offering standard high velocity. It has been specially designed to make it freely mountable on walls, ceiling and under the grooming table. The following durable dryer is constructed with special power coated epoxy standard and sturdy steel housing. Presence of an air filter is another unique and convenient feature of the mentioned dryer.

Speedy Dryer M980 High Velocity Dryer


  • Output of this high-velocity dryer is 106 to 130CFM
  • The range of amperes or volts consumed by the dryer is 15 amperes or 110 to 120 volts
  • The dryer and its different parts are fully constructed of durable steel metal
  • Easy wall and ceiling mountable features are included
  • Special air filter features are included in it
  • Lasts durable and is very light at 12lbs only
  • Runs on a standard high velocity
  • Really much effective for stretch and fluff drying and good for the active pups
  • Built with sturdy steel housing of power coated epoxy steel


  • Not waterproof
Terminal Lining

When you are thinking of making your dog completely dry at home or if you are dreaming of setting up a mobile shop, the presence of a high-velocity dog grooming dryer is an important part that you surely need to consider. The qualities which make a groomer dryer special include the presence of a high-quality motor, dual speed accessibility, heat adjustment features and comfort.