Can I Stay With My Dog At The Groomers?

Can I Stay With My Dog At The Groomers

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In some groomer’s shops, you’re allowed to stay with and accompany your fur baby. But sometimes, some groomers would deny you from providing this facility. But it’s OK because they’ll do it so that they are not distracted while the grooming session. Actually, it’s always better to not accompany your dog while grooming because it will make him nervous. On the other hand, if your dog is very friendly and used to with the same groomers for years, then your presence won’t hamper their working procedure.

Can I be allowed to Stay With my Dog At The Groomers?

Yes, you can stay in case the groomer allows you. Owners actually want to stay with their dog while grooming because of their intense love for their canines. For the fear of their fur baby being injured or hurt, the dog owners always want to be present during the entire grooming session.

But in some cases, the professional groomers usually strictly forbid the owners so that they remain absent during grooming. Because it will make the dog nervous with their new groomer. The nervousness of the owners plays a significant role in the behavior of the dog as well. Your presence at the saloon can make both of you nervous and at the same time, it may cause a somewhat barrier to the groomer.

Should I Stay With My Dog At The Groomers?

The professional recommendation is NO. Because your intense love for your baby will make you overthink your dog’s safety while grooming. Being a well-wisher can also make you anxious at the new groomers. And your dog will easily be able to understand your nervousness through your body language. And if you hug them or reward them at that time, it will make them feel rewarded for the protest against the “rude” groomer. And also, his nervous movement will make the groomer disturbed and will damage his/her concentration as well.

How Can I Watch My Dog While Being Groomed?

As direct contact with your dog won’t be allowed at some groomers and again it will interrupt the procedure. So, it’s a nice idea to observe your dog’s grooming without being with him physically. The virtual video call is the best way to do so. You just need to refrain from turning your camera and voice. You’ll be able to observe the session if the video of the groomer’s side is kept on. And if you have anything to say, you can let them know through text chats as well.


While taking your fur baby to the groomer, it’s always better not to interrupt and let them concentrate on their work. And if you are curious about seeing the procedure, you can have a glance at your baby from a far distance. Or you can also be connected to the groomer over virtual platforms. Otherwise, your presence in the grooming place may make both you and your dog nervous. First, you should let your dog be familiar and friendly with the groomer, and then your presence over there won’t be disturbed at all.