Dog Breaks Out Of Crate and Destroys House

Dog Keeps Breaking Out of Crate

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Observing that your dog keeps breaking out of the crate is confusing, right? You might be wondering about the main cause behind your dog’s destructive behaviors. Well, it’s not just the issue of your dog’s crate but also concerning your dog’s crate training. There might be other possible reasons behind such hostile behavior, like anxiety, boredom, a problem with the crate, uneasiness in the crate, and more.

Can Dogs Break Out of Crates?

Yes, dogs can undoubtedly break out of crates. That might be caused due to your dog’s anxiety or boredom. However, even if you are not at home, your fur baby shouldn’t be allowed to stay in a crate for more than 6 hours or a maximum of 8 hours. It makes your dog feel like a captive, and eventually, a sense of anxiety and boredom develops in him that compels him to destroy his crate as time pass or something.

Why Do Dogs Break Out of Crates?

Several causes might be liable for your dog’s breaking out of crates. A few possible reasons behind such hostile behavior include:

  • Anxiety: Anxiety can be caused in dogs due to various reasons. But separation is the most common cause for dogs suffering from stress in the crate. While you are absent, being in the dog crate makes him go crazy and destroy the bed in his crate.
  • Boredom: It’s possible that you’ve gone out for your work and would return lately. In such cases, it’s evident that your fur baby would suffer from boredom. In such cases, your dog considers damaging his crate as fun. Sometimes, you’ll find him ultimately succeeded in the task of breaking out of crates. And sometimes, you’ll find him injured.
  • Lack of training: Crate training is the most important task to prevent your dog from breaking out of his crate. You are required to familiarize your canine with the dog crate. You need to improve his crate training by adding treats and toys in and around the crate. Dim the lights and gradually increase his time in the crate to make it feel at home to him.
  • Due to the problem of the crate: Sometimes, due to some carelessness, the crate bought doesn’t appear perfect for your dog. Either it becomes larger or smaller according to your dog’s size. An extra-large dog crate enables your dog to excrete inside to feel uncomfortable, and an extra-small puppy crate makes him feel uncomfortable. That’s why, it’s better to consider the perfect size of the crate before selecting one.

How to Secure a Dog Crate Door for Breaking Out?

Securing your dog’s crate might make it stronger so that your furry buddy can’t break it that easily. Some mention-worthy steps to follow include below:

  • Reinforcing the crate’s walls by adding zip ties in all the corners of the dog crate. Again, the ties should be trimmed short in size, so your dog doesn’t end up chewing those.
  • Making holes on the floor, you can add zip ties over there to make it more secure. But your sincere attention is sought for the ties.
  • If your fur baby has come to know the procedure of opening his crate, you can simply purchase heavy security smart padlocks and attach those to the latch.
What to Do When Dog Keeps Breaking Out of Crate?

If there are problems, we have the solution for them too. Follow the below-mentioned tips for preventing your dog from doing so:

  • Proper crate training: Improving your dog’s crate training can help you deal with his breaking out of the crate. It is usual for your furry buddy to have deep curiosity regarding the crate. That is why; it’s your foremost duty to make him familiar with it. If he is at home in his crate, he would prefer relaxing in the crate instead of breaking out of it.
  • Keeping him busy in the crate: By keeping your dog distracted with something more interesting, you can save his crate. You can keep him busy with an interesting indestructible toy or some long-lasting chews. Antler of Deer also acts as a long-lasting treat.
  • Using muzzles: Muzzles can be allowed to be kept on your dog for 5 minutes, but not more than 60 minutes. You need to be careful while using the wire basket muzzles because if it is kept for a more extended period of time, your dog might die due to suffocation and generation of heat.
  • Increased exercise: Increased exercise periods might make your dog tired. And a tired dog hardly has the energy or spirit to break out of his crate. Breaking out of the crate costs somewhat energy which, if wasted in playing and exercising, you have succeeded.

Discovering your dog breaking out of the crate is astonishing. Your dog is doing so, of course, due to any specific reason. Boredom, anxiety, stress, or lacks of training are the root causes of this destructive behavior of dogs. However, every problem has its solution. Tiring your dog through heavy exercise will reduce his destructive behavior as you are outside for the time being. Just a bit of patience and perseverance is all you need for this.