How Do I Know What Size Crate To Get For My Dog?

How Do I Know What Size Crate To Get For My Dog

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A crate is a special type of home built for the safety and transportation of pets. Among them, dogs and cats are in the front row. The crates can be of different types- made of metal, fabric, wire, or plastic. And if you are a new owner here, then you must always remember one thing that, one crate can’t fit all the dogs. Different dogs are of different sizes and the type of crate also differs in them. And for sorting out the best crate for your dog, you need to know What Size Crate To Get For your Dog. In simple words, you need to determine the size of your dog first, and then, you’ll be easily able to determine the required crate for him.

Why Do I Need A Crate For My Dog?

Dog crates act as den-like bedrooms for fur babies. They are the safest in their crates. And on the same side, the crate is a very important part of your dog’s proper training. If you want to travel somewhere with your pup, the best option is to use a traveling crate for must. Moreover, if you have to leave your dog alone at home when you go to work, you can undoubtedly keep him in the crate.

What Happens Due To Improper Size of Dog Crate?

The size of the crate that you are using for your fur baby actually matters. If the size of your dog’s crate becomes larger than the size your dog requires, then there remains a higher risk of accidents. Moreover, it will give him chances to stand up and roam around instead of sitting peacefully. Well, not only that, a larger crate increases makes your dog tend to potty in the residual zone. And in the case of a smaller crate, they won’t be able to stand up comfortably or stretch their hands or legs.

What Size Should A Dog’s Crate Be?

Your dog’s crate will be perfect for your fur baby if it can fulfill all of the following conditions:

  • A crate should be of such a size do that your dog can somehow stand up and move around
  • But there shouldn’t be too much space for him to complete his potty over there.
  • In case your baby is still a puppy, you can buy a bigger size of wire crate and can make a divider according to its size
  • And if you see that your dog’s head is touching the crate’s wall, and you think that he’s not fully developed yet, then the crate is most probably smaller for him.

How Can I Determine The Size of My Dog?

Knowing the appropriate size of your dog is very necessary for getting the actual size of the crate for your dog. You need to check for the following conditions in order to successfully determine the size of your dog.

  1. First of all, you need to make your dog stand up so that you can easily obtain his real size.
  2. Then, you need to determine the height of your dog. Starting from his head, the total measurement up to his foot is the height of your dog.
  3. Then, you need to find out the length of your dog. And for that, you need to measure from your dog’s nose up to the base of his tail.

How Do I Know What Size Crate To Get For My Dog?

In order to know the actual size of the crate you need for your dog, you of course need to determine the size of your dog first. Dogs of large size require a large crate whereas the small crates are enough for the small ones.

  • The size of the crate should be about 4 inches higher than the actual height of your fur baby.
  • There should be a space of about 2 inches from the nose of your dog up to the wall of his crate.
  • And also, there should be a space of 2 inches from the base of his tail to the wall of the crate.
  • And the size of the crate should be such that it can adjust with the dimension of your dog so that he can easily stand up and stretch.

What Size Crate To Get For My Dog?

There are some sizes of crates available for dogs in accordance with their size and nature. Usually, smaller crates are required for small dogs. Whereas the 2XL sizes are required for the large ones.

What Type of Crate Should I Purchase For My Dog?

Generally, 4 types of dog crates are in higher use. So you need to decide which type of crate you want to purchase according to your need.

1. Wire Dog Crates: These crates are made of wire, they are collapsible and are comfortable for traveling. Moreover, the wire crate is a good option for those dogs who are more friendly with a warm atmosphere as the wire crates ensure enough passage of air. If you have a puppy, you can also add a divider to this type of dog crate.

2. Plastic Dog Carriers: The plastic dog crates are made enough sturdy and strong with durable plastic material. The plastic dog carrier is an ideal choice for the familiar who often travel with their furbabies on airlines.

3. Soft-Sided Dog Crates: This crate is also known as a soft kennel. A soft-sided dog crate is a good option for puppies or dogs belonging to a smaller breed. As it’s flexible and lightweight, it allows you easy teardown and setups.

4. Wooden Dog Crate: Wood makes the crate warmer for your furbaby. Well, wooden dog crates are mostly suggested for home decor and for a permanent solution at home. But these wooden dog crates aren’t really travel-friendly as they are comparatively heavier.

Wrapping It Up

For ensuring the highest comfort for your fur baby, you need to Know What Size Crate To Get For your Dog. Because if the crate becomes either larger or smaller than the required size of your dog, your dog won’t really be much comfortable there. There will remain an increased rate of the risk of accidents, injuries, or your dog’s pooping. So, it’s better that you give some time in measuring your dog’s height and size with a view to reaching up to the perfect crate size for him.