How Much Does An Electric Fence Cost Per Month?

How Much Does An Electric Fence Cost Per Month

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An electric fence can be categorized among the most necessary things for adding a boundary to your dog’s playing space. There are a lot of categories among the type of fences. Among them, the electric fences have won millions of hearts. It’s durable, safe, and sturdy for your fur baby. Now, this content deals with the amount that an electric fence per month. Well, it actually depends on very small mathematics that you need to do. And for that, knowing the unit cost of your electricity is a must.

Why Is A Dog Fence Actually Used For?

A fence can be of different types, starting from wooden ones to electric ones. The main objective of using a dog fence is to ensure a leash-free safety and play boundary for your fur baby. Moreover, this fence also keeps your dog protected around your residence area even when you aren’t at home. There is a huge diversity among the types of fences among them, the most popular ones include:

Among all of these choices, the electric fences have earned the highest popularity. Because in this type, Fence Cost Per Month is comparatively budget-friendly.

What Are The Key Features and Functions of Dog Electric Fence?

Dog electric fences usually are one type of invisible fence with wireless or underground wire service. Some unique features that you can obtain from an electric dog fence include:

  • Electric dog fences are easier to maintain than the regular ones which need to be installed above ground.
  • There remains no risk of your underground fence wire being torn or damaged.
  • You can establish invisible fencing around your home according to your desired location.
  • It makes your dog feel that the entire field is open for him, though it is not. But electric fence doesn’t give him the sense of trapped dog fence.
  • Electric fences are comparatively less expensive than the rest of the physical ones. They require less expense to install and at the same time, An Electric Fence Cost Per Month will also be within your monthly budget.

Charge of An Electric Dog Fence For Installation?

To use the electric fence, either wired or wireless, you need to install it. They are quite easy to not only install but also handle. If you can install the wireless one by yourself at home, it might not cost you more than the range of 100usd to 300usd. And if you want to get that work done by a professional at home, this installation will cost you around $850 up to $1500. On the other hand, the underground invisible electric fences cost about $950 to $1500 for installation. Whereas, for the regular physical ones, you need to keep at least 1500usd with you at least.

Electric fences are usually available in two types- underground wired electric fences and wireless electric fences. Installing the wireless electric fences is comparatively easy stress relieved. Whereas on the other hand, the underground wired electric fences somewhat cost more as a trencher is used to bury the wires.

Charge of An Electric Dog Fence For Each Acre?

The minimum cost of installing a straightforward electric fence per acre is at least $2005. The cost gradually increases with the increase of area in acres.

  • The cost for fencing one acre is $2500
  • For 2 acres the costing upgrades to $2835
  • Fencing cost fo 3 acres is $3470
  • For 4 acres, it costs about $4010
  • 5 acres fencing costs about $4480
  • And for 10 acres of fencing, the cost is $6340

Charge of An Electric Dog Fence For Each Foot?

In order to dog fencing, in an electric fence, the cost per linear foot is $2.40. And this range of cost gradually increases with the increase of fenced feet. Moreover, if you are trying to fence around any irregular shape, then it might result in additional charges also.

  • For electric fencing of 500 feet, it costs $1200
  • For 1000 feet, the cost increases to $2000
  • For fencing 1500 linear feet, it might cost you $3600
  • Charges for fencing 2000 linear feet is $4800

How Much Does An Electric Fence Cost Per Month?

For determining the Electric Fence Cost Per Month, you need to know the per-unit charge of your electricity service provider. For getting that cost, you need to do very easy math. You might have heard about the physics formula of KWh. That’s the same formula you need to use here.

(Power X time)/1000: This is the formula of work done by your electric dog fence. The power is sometimes not available in the charger’s cover. But you might find it in the manual or the box containing the fence charger.

Power: The power of the fence charger should be included in the manual or charger box. You just need to be assured that the power is in the watts unit. This power consumption of the dog electric charger may range from 10 watts up to 50 watts.

Time: The time for determining the cost should be considered in the hour unit. Suppose, you are using the electric fence for an interval of 24/7. Then you need to consider the use of 24 hours per day and 24 x 30, that is the time of 720 hours per month. And in the case of months of 31 days, you need to multiply it as 24 x 31= 744 hours.

Divided by: The product of power and time needs to be divided by 1000 as we’ve considered the power in the watt unit. Dividing the product of watts and time will give you the structure of KWh which is the unit of determining bill.

Viz: Suppose that the consumption of power of your electric fence is 20 watts. And the unit cost of your electricity supplier is 10 cents. If you are using it 24/7 in a month of 30 days. Then, how can you calculate the electric fence charge per month?

Solution: As the given power is 20 watts, you need to multiply it by the time given that is 24 hours per day. So the time for an entire month is 720 hours.

Now, you have to multiply the power and time. That is, 20 x 720 = 14400. Then to make it converted to kilowatt, you need to divide it by 1000. So, 14400/1000 = 14.4 KWh.

After that, you need to multiply the value of KWh with the unit cost of your electricity supplier. So, 14.4 x 10 = 144 cents. Thus, the cost of your electric fence in that month will be 144 cants and you can easily find it out by following this formula.

An Electric Fence Cost Per Month By using Solar

Using solar chargers can most effectively reduce expenses. But you need to be ascertained that the charger is towards the southeast in order to get the maximum sunlight. Using solar chargers of $200 dollars can lead you up to a span of 7 years as well.

Are Dog Electric Fence Risky For My Four legged companion?

Well, actually most of the electric fences don’t hurt much to dogs. The collar is connected to the central device of the electric fence. If your dog comes too near the boundary, then the collar beeps. But if your dog still doesn’t listen to it or continues to move forward, It might give him a mild shock. But, this shock doesn’t cause any injury to the maximum dog. But if your dog is somewhat weak, small, or a pup, you need to be careful if there are any burn issues or not.

Wrapping It Up

To calculate an Electric Fence Cost Per Month, you just need to use a very simple formula. (Power x Time)/1000. And also for that, knowing the cost per unit of your electricity service provider is also very necessary. Just you have to be careful during the calculations and you’re done.