How Often Should You Oil Your Clippers?

How Often Should You Oil Your Clippers

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All the clippers that are presented to us in the market aren’t the best, right? After some research or deep investigation, the home groomers finally come across the best collection of dog clippers. And then they won’t want this clipper to be damaged at any cost genuinely. So, proper caring is equally necessary for the clippers for that. There is a huge variety among the dog clipper oils which act as a guard for protecting your clippers. Oil also helps in reducing noise in clippers and eradicating their harshness of it.

What Actually A Dog Clipper Oil Does?

Dog Clipper Oil is a type of oil that is used to make the clipper more effective for smoother use. This oil can play a great role in bringing smoothness to the working procedure of a clipper. It can resolve a few factors of noisiness by reducing the amount of friction in the clipper gradually. Well, some other oils can also act as a supplement to it. Some benefits of oiling your clippers are:

  • Keeps the clipper protected and safe from the formation of rust and other dirt or debris.
  • Will help your clippers to stay cool like mint while your grooming session.
  • Regular oiling to the clipper makes it long-lasting, durable, and sturdy enough.
  • Provides better performance than the previous times by keeping it mint cool.
  • Reduces higher friction and noise of the clipper.
  • Keeps the clipper blades clean and lubricated for future use.
  • Ensures a long life for both the clipper and the blades.
  • Makes the dull blades turn to the sharp ones again.

How To Oil Dog Clipper?

Two or four drops of oiling are good for keeping your clipper in a healthy state. Before oiling, you need to make the clipper totally free from hair, dirt, debris, or anything. Then the next thing you need to do is to drop a few drops of the best clipper oil to your clipper’s top that is, the blade part. You’ll find millions of guides on YouTube to help you out in such a situation along with a better understanding. You can use the five drop technique, that is, you have to drop 4 drops of oil along with the blade teeth and 1 drop back rails individually. But, you must not forget one thing, over-oiling your dog clipper won’t be a good option at all. That might even damage the overall performance and life durability of your clipper.

How Often Should You Oil Your Clippers?

It’s better to oil your clippers after every use and before storing it up. The most ideal speaking is, you can drop one or two drops of clipper oil to your clipper after every use or once per month approximately. But that’s of course in case of home use. If you are a professional groomer, oiling the clipper once per day approximately is a better option.

What Will Happen If I Don't Oil My Dog Clippers?

The main reason for dog clipper oiling is to protect the clipper and as well as the blades from any kind of damage. Proper and regular application of oil to the dog clipper will keep it cold and long-running. On the other hand, if you just ignore the oiling procedure in your clipper, you may face some issues with your clipper’s damage. Say, for example, the motor of the clipper because of being running for long hours will turn hot and as a result, it may cause damage to your dog. Clipper oil acts as a lubricant that can slightly reduce the amount of friction in the motor and facilitate a long life clipping experience. But, it’s of course first necessary to know how often you should oil your dog clippers and the procedure.

Which Oils Can Act Substitute To Dog Clipper Oil?

Danger or a sudden necessity is never known to a person previously. So, it’s most common to run out of clipping oil during emergencies. In such a situation, you need something working proxy to your clipper oil to protect your clipper from rusting or more. Here are some products which may act as substitutes for dog clipper oil.

  • Sewing Oil can also contribute a lot as an alternative but you need to be assured if the concentration or thickness of oil is enough or not.
  • Mineral Oil can act somewhat alternative to your clipper oil in keeping it cool and protecting it from further rusting or damage.
  • Baby Oil is very similar working to mineral oil. It’s the most affordable and often available at home and working substitute to clipper oil.
  • Silicon Oil will also act great in protecting clipper from rust but it has a con, i.e it catches comparatively more dirt than mineral oil or baby oil
  • 3 in 1 Oil is also a well-known alternative to clipper oil and it can act as a human clipper oil alternative as well.
  • Kerosine Oil also acts as an effective alternative to clipper oil. But before using the clippers on your dog, you need to clean it perfectly so that it doesn’t stick with his hair.
  • WD40 Oil is not so popular among people for use on clippers but it actually acts wonderfully in preventing rust and keeping it cool.

Oiling is a process as much important as dog hair clipping. Because, by ignoring the oiling process, you’ll be bringing more chances of your clipper being damaged easily and reducing clipper life. Oiling will prevent it from rusting and will also keep it cool during use. So, regular oiling of the clipper is a must. Again, using any oil other than clipper oil for a long time can gum up the blades and damage your expensive set of clippers. But the above-mentioned alternatives can be applied in case of emergency. Again, wrong or excessive oiling of the clipper can cause damage to it and so you should do the clipping procedure on a regular basis following the proper rules for it.