How To Find Out What Breed My Dog Is?

How To Find Out What Breed My Dog Is

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Which owner is not curious about identifying the breed of his or her dog? As we know, each breed has a separate beauty along with special characteristics. By determining the breed of your dog, you can easily know about its favorite food choices. Moreover, you can ensure the best hairstyle for it and can remain alert of the most probable diseases or allergies for that breed. There are a lot of probable breeds that your dog might belong to.

How To Find Out What Breed My Dog Is?

In many ways, you can figure out the actual breed of your dog. By identifying the breed, it will be easier for you to determine the perfect coat that your dog has. And according to that coat type, special shampoos and conditioners for all breeds are available separately in the market. A few important ways by which you can identify the breed of your fur baby are:

# Online Breed Browsing:

You can browse for the probable breeds and identify your dog’s one by matching the structure of his eyes, ears, tail, and face. In this way you might be right or wrong, no trustability is ensured.

# Vet and Breeder Assistance:

You can also expect some guesses from an experienced Vet or breeders. Vets have greater knowledge of the physical structure and needs of a dog. On the other hand, the breeders are more familiar with practical experience.

# AKC Recognition Support:

Websites like AKC provide more descriptive detail on the appearance of specific breedswhich might somehow match with that of your dog.

# Technological Support:

The use of technology can also make the task easier for you. A well-known app, ‘Fetch!’ is nowadays popular for this task of determination of breed. However, this app can’t be every time correct.

# DNA Test Process:

The last but the most effective method to determine the breed of your dog is the DNA test process. It gives you the most accurate and authentic result.

How Can I Determine My Dog’s Breed At Home?

If you are already an experienced owner, your guesses about your dog’s breed can also be correct to a good extent. Or you can also follow these steps:

  • You can arrange an online meeting with a Vet, groomer, or experienced breeder showing your pup. In most cases, their guesses turn out to be correct.
  • Match the structural description of different breeds by browsing online.
  • Some DNA test kits are available to be used at home which you can also use for some fewer hazards.
  • You can play online quiz games to get the probable breed that your pup might belong to.
  • Use of technologies and breed identifying apps like Fetch! Can also provide you with the most expected results by utilizing artificial intelligence.

Why Do I Need To DNA Test To Know My Dog’s Breed?

As far professionals suggest, there is no alternative way to identify the breed of your dog as authentically as the DNA kits do. If you have acquired your pup from a certified registry like AKC, then it will be easier for you to know what breed your dog is, purebred or crossbred. 

Moreover, there are registries that recognized different breeds. There’s a huge difference between the registered breeds and the non-registered breeds. Registries like AKC have recognized 175 breeds, NKC has recognized more than 200 breeds of dogs and UKC has done it for more than 300.

What Are The Most Popular DNA Kits For The Determination of My Dog’s Breed?

DNA test for figuring out the breed of your dog is the reliable decision that you’ll take. This process presents you with the most authentic results of the breed that your pup might belong to. Though most of the DNA test kits are accurate, still there’s a variety of qualities among them. A few DNA test kits that have increased popularity and within a reasonable price are:

  • Embark: This genetic testing provider is commonly used and very popular among experienced puppy owners. You just need a cheek swab to get the full database breed of your dog through the Embark DNA test kit. It will give you the most accurate result within 2-4 weeks. It gives an accuracy of 99.9%.
  • Wisdom Panel is another reasonable and widely used provider for dog breed determination. They have the highest breed determining database of almost 21000. Wisdom Panel takes about 2-3weeks to bring the results. Moreover, this testing provides you with an accuracy of more than 98%.
If you are in a hurry and looking for a DNA test kit within a short time, you can of course believe these two providers as mentioned above. But if you have enough time for this, you may discover more of these popular DNA kits which suit your pet as well as are liked by you.

There are a million ways to find out what breed your dog is. And you can either guess or reach a probable state at what breed your dog might be. But guessing or technological apps aren’t as accurate as DNA test reports. In order to determine your dog’s breed accurately, making the DNA test done is the most suggested by professional groomers and breeders.