How to Keep Dog off Table When Not Home?

How to Keep Dog off Table When Not Home

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Jumping on the table is like a sort of fun for dogs to spend their time. Again, they also get on the table sometimes smelling any delicious food kept above. This lure of food for which they jump on the table is also known as counter surfing. When you are at home, you can supervise him so that he doesn’t get opportunities to get on the table. Alongside, it is equivalently essential to abstain your dog off the table when you are not at home. Training is the prime activity to resolve this bad habit of your fur baby. It will make them habituated to staying away from the tabletop.

What Is Getting On Table Or Counter Surfing?

Jumping, running, and getting on furniture are common dog traits. But sometimes, the tasty dishes on the table lure your dog, and they jump on the table. This bad habit of jumping on the table with the expectation of food is known as counter surfing. New training needs to be added to his regular schedule, which involves keeping him off the table. Again, adding a dog leash to his neck when you are not at home might also help.

What Are The Causes of your Dog Getting On The Table When Not At Home?

There might be several causes behind your dog’s unsupportable manners, including jumping on the table. Some dogs are found to be civilized in front of their parents. But just with their departure, those stubborn furry kids start their rule. Some reasons why your dog jumps on the table might include the followings:

  • When left alone at home, they get scared and anxious at the same time. In those circumstances, they get tensed and start jumping and crawling along the table, sofa, and many other home stuff.
  • He might have had previous good experiences with this stealing. Dogs treat everything as granted when they are appreciated. Maybe his previous stealing got unpunished and made him consider this incident acceptable. However, training him to avoid this activity might help.
  • Maybe he does not have a proper diet, or he has polyphagia as an early sign of diabetes which makes him hungry enough to climb up to the table.
  • Sometimes, dogs try to get on the table just out of curiosity; thinking- is there any new puppy above? Or his favorite toys are hiding there?

Special Tricks and Tips to Keep Dog off Table through Training

Training is the best way to manage your dog from jumping or getting on tables. In most cases, dogs do this type of behavior because of their lack of training or hunger. Some tips for training him to eradicate this bad habit are enlisted here:

  • First, you stand with your dog near a table. If your dog tries or intends to jump on the table, you need to ignore him for a few seconds. This initiative will make him feel that he is doing the wrong thing.
  • When he stops his attempts of climbing on the table, appreciate him with tasty dog training treats and applause.
  • Even if he tries to look towards the tabletop, teach him the command “sit down” so that he doesn’t intend to jump anymore. You need to reward him with a treat every time he abides by your command.
  • Now, keep some of his favorite delicious food adjacent to the table side so that he gets the allurement. But if he still controls himself through strong dedication, reward him nicely with his favorite treat.
  • Repeat these activities for a few days until he gets used to along with it. If you can make him trained to control his hunger and allurement, you are partially successful now.

How to Keep Dog off Table When Not Home?

You can simply just follow some tips that can play a vital role in abstaining your dog from getting on the table when you aren’t at home. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Keeping your dog bound in a playpen or a crate. Well, using a crate for a long time isn’t normally supported. That’s why it’s better to keep him surrounded by an indoor dog playpen or fence.
  • Putting a leash on his neck can also help to prevent him from counter-surfing. Make the leash smaller so that he can’t reach or jump to the table easily.
  • Or you can also invite your neighbor’s dog to play with him when you are not at home. In this way, he won’t be anxious due to your absence. And thus, he won’t cause damage to the table.
  • You can keep the kitchen door closed or fully locked so that he can’t have access there.
  • Make sure that there aren’t any tasty foods or similar smells around the table zone.
  • Or you can also use various devices, like a dog camera with a speaker and a treat dispenser. These devices have a two-way voice facility. This way, you can talk to your dog even when you are at work, and he won’t be anxious anymore.

What Devices Can Be Used To Keep Dog Off Table When Not Home?

There aren’t many devices specially used for keeping your dog off the table when you are not at home. But communication with your dog when you are not at home might help him reduce his anxiety and intention to jump on the table. Some devices that might help in this regard are enlisted below:

  • Dog camera with speaker: This device comes with numerous extra features. It includes both side communication features allowing you to talk with each other to reinforce his training and restrict him from counter surfing.
  • Dog treat dispenser: A dog treat dispenser supports the dog camera extra support. Dogs usually counter-surf due to allurement or due to hunger. But the presence of a treat dispenser not only helps in communication but also resolves your dog’s sudden hunger.
What to Use for Preventing Your Dog from Getting On the Table?

Anything that irritates human taste is alluring for dogs. Again, some beautiful fragrances are irritant to dogs. Lemon is such an example. Lemon juice with water is a favorite fragrance for humans. But this smell is strongly hated by dogs though it doesn’t cause any risk to them. Again, bleaching powder and things having ammonia and chlorine cause them irritation. That’s why; dilute products consisting of lemon, bleaching powder, ammonia, and chlorine are used as dog repellent. You can use dog-repellent spray on the tables. As dogs strongly hate this smell, they themselves will stay away from jumping on it.

Wrapping It Up

Dogs are fond of getting on the table when you are not home. In most of the cases, mischievous dogs show this behavior out of allurement. So, you can train him properly so that he can keep his patience in front of delicious food. You can also use dog repellent sprays to scare him and keep him off Table When Not Home. Again, special devices with communication features make your dog civilized enough to restrain themselves from this undesired behavior.