How To Make A Dog Bow Tie Out of A Bandana?

How To Make A Dog Bow Tie Out of A Bandana

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We always like to decor ourselves with the most possible beautiful dresses in order to make ourselves attractive. The same goes for dogs. The bow tie or bandana has been a popular and well-known trend among dogs for a long time. We’ve seen a lot of dog owners who like to make a dog bow tie out of a bandana because it’s a creative style of decorating your dog and keeping him attractive and cute every week.

What Is Actually A Bandana Termed As?

Bandana is actually a kind of square-shaped (or sometimes rectangular) that is used to make ties or bows. This bandana is used for decorating dogs as well as humans. There are a lot of ties available that you can do with a bandana. And the cutest one is the Comfy Bow tie Dog Collar. You can make the tie at home in two ways, either stitching it or just folding it.

What Is The Best Fabric Which Can Be Used As Bandana For Dogs?

Usually, you’ll find a wide variation of bandanas of different sizes and colors in the market. But, in fact, the fabric of your dog’s bandana is more important than its pattern, size, or color. The best fabric to use as a bandana in your dog is cotton. 100 percent washable cotton can provide your dog extra comfort and confidence at the same time. But, if cotton isn’t found, polyester is another recommendable fabric to be used as a dog bandana. They not only help in resisting wrinkles but also are abrasion-resistant at the same time. A blend of cotton and polyester is also an acceptable fabric for a bandana. In case of selecting the fabric of bandana for your dog, you should try to avoid uncomfortable fabrics like silk and more.

How To Tie A Bandana On A Dog?

The 4 most popular bandana styles for dogs include –

1. Dog Cowboy Bandana Knot: The cowboy bandana knot is the easiest among the bandana ties for dogs. It looks attractive on dogs and at the same time, they require a little time to be made.

  • First, you have to take the square bandana and will have to fold it in half in such a way so that it looks like a triangle.
  • Except for the tip of the triangle, hold on to the two other ends of the bandana and tie it around your dog’s neck. In this knot, the tip of the triangle made with the bandana should be at the front point of your dog.

2. Cape like Dog Bandana Knot:This bandana tie is quite similar to the previous one, i.e. the cowboy knot. But a bit flipped version of that one.

  • Follow the cowboy bandana up to tie it up to your dog’s neck.
  • Taking the tip of the triangle of the bandana slightly just slip it to the backside of your dog. This style gives the bandana a cape-like look.

3. Dog Bandana Roll Tie: The third style of our list is quite different from the rest two ties out of the bandana.

  • Like the other styles, you need to fold the bandana into half just like a triangle.
  • Then taking the tip of the bandana, you need to continue rolling it. Roll it tight for a thinner design and a bit loose for a thicker design.
  • After that, you need to grab the two ends of the bandana and need to tie it around your dog. The bandana roll tie needs to be attached to his neck making a double chick knot along.

4. Dog bow tie out of a Bandana: The bow tie is the major part of this writing. It’s one of the cutest and most adorable bandana knots for your furry buddy. The bow ties can be made large, small, or moderate according to your wish and the size of fabric which you have. You can make a dog bow tie out of a bandana in different ways without stitching. But on the other hand, a sewing bow tie will give you a permanent solution.

How To Make A Dog Bow Tie Out of A Bandana?

A bow tie can easily be made by squeezing the middle portion of a square by using a thin and long stipe. And for that, you need to divide the bandana by cutting it into two separate pieces.

  • First, you need to cut 1/3 part of the bandana. This smaller part will act as the part to squeeze the middle portion of the bow.
  • Taking the larger part, you need to fold the long side of the bandana into halves.
  • Then again you need to fold the half parts towards the center from the two sides.
  • After that, you need to fold the breadth part of the fabric in a way making three portions separately.
  • Further on, you need to take hold of the smaller cut part. And then you need to fold it in a similar way towards the lengths in order to convert it into a thin rope-like structure.
  • Now the smaller part will be employed to squeeze the middle portion of the previously made square.
  • Now you can expand the two ends of the bow made for giving more attractive and lovely attention to it.
  • Now, you need to enter your dog’s collar through the backside of the bow.

And thus, you’re done making a cute and lovely bow for your fur baby.

What Is The Importance of Using A Bow Tie Out of Bandana?

First of all, the bandana is a fashion accessory and it makes your dog look more cute and attractive. Besides, bandanas for making knots in dogs are also used to keep him warm, and also have a great role in calming your dog. And in the case of scary dogs, you can add a bandana to them with a view to making them less scary and playful. Well, that’s not the end. Bandana also acts quite effectively in developing confidence in your dog.

Conclusive Words:

To make a dog bow tie out of a bandana isn’t anything tough. You can easily make it by following some points. But, you need to be careful while selecting the fabric of the bandana so that it doesn’t come to be uncomfortable for your dog. And cleaning the bandana on a regular basis is another important thing to be considered. If you are using the bandana on a regular basis or if your dog likes to play in the mud, you need to keep it neat and clean always. You can also iron it to give a more cheerful appearance.