How to Make Poodle Hair Fluffy?

How to Make Poodle Hair Fluffy

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A well blow dried fluffy poodle hair is really alluring. But it’s a complaint from the owners that they either don’t know how to make poodle hair fluffy or they can’t do so. But when they take their furry buddy to the groomer, they find their fur baby turned to fluffy cotton candy. Wondering how they’ve done so, many owners spent sleepless nights. Well, the main reason responsible for this is the hair dryer. So perhaps a more powerful blow hair dryer can serve you with the expected results.

Why Do Poodles Need A Fluffy Hair?

The most valid objective of desiring a poodle’s fluffy hair is a beautiful and ethereal look. Nevertheless, other causes are also responsible for everyone desiring to get their puppy fluffy fur. That’s because this fluffy hair helps to get a decent and clean haircut. Additionally, the fluff dry makes your dog’s hair straightened and creates a beautiful velvety vibe. Letting a poodle’s hair air dry results in curling up the hair and forming small stubborn matt. But in the blow drying process, your poodle’s hair is brushed with a slicker brush while force drying, which makes the hair soft and fluffy.

Necessary Materials for Making Poodle’s Hair Fluffy

  • High-Velocity speedy dryer
  • A slicker brush
  • A trustworthy shampoo
  • A metal comb
  • Conditional (optional)

How to Make Poodle Hair Fluffy?

Initiating from the bathing session and up to the drying up, every action requires cautiousness in order to obtain fluffy poodle hair. First, the bathing session needs to be completed with renowned and qualified products. And then, the dryer also needs to be of high power. Here we can divide the drying procedure into two stages.

Stage-1: Tips for the bathing session
  • The first step is to properly rinse your poodle with warm water or water of average temperature.
  • Then you must apply some saturated solution of the best dog shampoo for fine hair with slightly warm water. This shampoo water solution needs to be set for some time for soaking.
  • This third step is optional. But if you want to deal with and get rid of the stubborn matts of your pooch, you can also use the best dog conditioner that suits your pooch.
  • After that, you can rinse the water simply.
  • Using one or more towels, you need to dry your pooch to soak that extra water on the body.
Stage-2: Tips for the drying session
  • Firstly, you have to set up a high-velocity blow dryer capable of fluffing your poodle’s hair.
  • Now, place the velocity dryer on your dog. It shouldn’t be very close to his skin. Rather it should be at a safe distance from the skin and acting directly upon the hair.
  • At this stage, you need to use a slicker brush (also known as a pin brush) to brush the hair while drying it.
  • You need to blow dry over the matt or use your hand to de-matt those.
  • Lastly, you can use a metal comb to give a final touch-up.

Merits of Converting a Poodle’s Hair Fluffy?

Beautification is the top benefit of making a poodle’s hair fluffy. Poodles have naturally coarse and curly hair. To make it more attractive and luxurious, making your poodle’s hair fluffy is necessary. Poodle’s hair is fully non-allergic, but they have a highly shed-prone undercoat. Proper care of their hair and using a good dryer to make them fluffy would prevent further hazards.


Poodles indeed have special and coarse hair. Your groomer makes this hair look even more beautiful and fluffy. But when you tried this at home, you might have failed. Actually, the reason is your hair dryer. If you use a high-velocity powerful blow dryer after a bath, you have more possibilities to succeed in your mission. Just try out our tips to get an expected result.