Ideas to Keep Puppy from Climbing Out Of Pen

Ideas to keep puppy from climbing out of pen

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Dog pens or special puppy pens are designed to cover up a territory where your dog is supposed to play and roam around. But puppies are, as usual, stubborn and mischievous in nature. That is why; owners always need to hatch ideas to keep their puppy from climbing out of the pen. Moreover, climbing out of the dog pen is also dangerous for your fur baby. Each escape increases the comparative risks of your dog’s physical harm. So, you first need to sort out why he repeatedly tries to escape. That might also be hazardous for you. That is because you will be held accountable for the damages caused by your dog. If any animal control agency finds your fur baby, you might also have to pay a fine.

Why Are Dog Pens Used?

Dog pens are usually used to confine your dog to a safe territory where he can freely play, jump, and walk. In most cases, dog crates are used as a security factor. But dog crates contribute a lot during the night. Moreover, excessive crating of your dog might make him feel the crate like a prison. Dog playpen provides comparatively more space to play and jump.

Why My Puppy Tries To Climb Out Of The Pen?

The main reason that your puppy climbs out of the pen is loneliness and boredom. When you leave your dog alone to play on his own, he might find it boring. Some possible reasons for which you find your fur baby trying to sneak include the following:

  • Your puppy might be feeling lonely in your absence. That may be cause you are out for work and your puppy can’t interact with you for long hours. Out of curiosity to tries to climb out of the playing pen
  • He might be facing a barren or totally boring environment. First of all, you are not around him, for which he isn’t getting enough of his fun. Again, he possibly doesn’t have enough playmates or interactive toys to enjoy. So, out of boredom, he wants to come out of his territory.
  • Your puppy or adolescent fur baby might not have any other sector or outlet for his energy.
  • Your dog might be among those categories of dogs that are particularly more active than the other breeds. That is why; always engaging in some sort of activity makes them happy. That might include climbing out of the pen as well.
  • Your Fido might want to visit your neighbor’s yard, where he has friends and other children to play with. He would, of course, prefer a company rather than a closed pen. And thus, he tries to break out of it.
  • Separation anxiety or discomfort in the playpen might also result in your dog’s fleeing away.

What Are The Possible Consequences Of Puppy Climbing Out Of The Pen?

Puppies are pretty much clever in specific cases. You might find your dog coming down the street though you locked him in his playpen. Actually, he has mastered the ways of climbing out of his playpen. Some possible consequences and damage might include:

  • Roaming in the streets
  • Getting hurt by any pointed stuff
  • Causing harm to any other dog or children
  • Being fined by animal control agency
  • Your dog rolling in a dustbin
  • Being lost etc.

However, your puppy’s escape from the dog playpen won’t provide you with any good results or credit. It might only cause you some extra struggles.

Best Ideas to Keep Puppy from Climbing Out Of Pen

Preventing your dog from fleeing out of the dog playing pen might be risky for both of you. But you can’t also forcibly keep your puppy crated for long. That is why; you need to hatch tricks to keep your dog from climbing out of the pen, like the following:

  • Making the dog playing pen stronger or buying a somewhat modified dog playpen might help eradicate your dog’s habit of escaping from his pen.
  • It is possible that your dog is bored while inside the dog playpen, for which he always intends to flee away. So, you can bring some interesting toys and long-lasting treats to keep him busy.
  • Give some obedience training to your dog while he is in pen and ensure treatment to his treatment.
  • You can add a voice-interacting device to remain in contact with your fur baby. If he can hear you or see you through any device, he might not be anxious and won’t attempt to climb out of the playing pen.
  • Before you leave your dog alone at home, you can give him some extra exercises and training to make him tired. You can also take him for a walk before you leave to tire him so that he no more gets the energy to climb out of the pen.
  • Lastly, if you don’t want him to climb out of his pen and roam in the streets, you can simply keep him in a doggy daycare center.

How to Prevent a Puppy from Climbing Out Of a Pen?

The best way to keep your dog from climbing out of the pen is to modify your existing dog playpen. Adding a few additional items to the playpen will make it too strong for your fur baby to climb out of the pen. You can follow the mentioned tips to modify it a little:

  • You can cut yoga mats and attach them to the upper part of the playpen so that it becomes difficult for him to climb up to the top.
  • Adding lattice wood panels to the playing pen
  • Attaching mesh fence cover to the dog playing pen to block the opportunities to climb up
  • Using any card box or thick fabric to block climbing chances
  • Height of the playing pen should be increased so that he gets tired up to reaching the top.
What to Do to Make the Puppy Busy Instead Of Climbing Out Of Pen?

Making your dog tired is the best way to keep your puppy abstained from climbing out of pen. Some of the mentionable ways to do so are as follows:

  • Give him training so he can understand what activities to avoid and how to remain stress-free.
  • Giving him heavy exercise to fully tire him so that he gets no more energy to climb out of his playpen. This tiredness will also give him a peaceful sleep.
  • Leaving some new interesting toys in the playing pen so that he remains curious about those toys and doesn’t think of climbing up.
  • Adding long-lasting treats and chews keeps your dog involved in eating for a long time and thus preventing him from fleeing.


Sneaking out of the playing pen is a common phenomenon that puppy parents often suffer. In such situations, they need ideas to keep the puppy from climbing out of the pen. In short, the best way to prevent your dog from climbing out of the pen is to modify and upgrade his playpen and add new exciting toys and treats. That will reduce the struggles of both you and your furry buddy.