Intelligent Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

Intelligent Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

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Intelligent dog cameras are special types of devices mainly manufactured for interacting with your dog or observing him when he has left alone at home. These intelligent devices provide various facilities, like camera observation, two-way voice transfer facilities and more. The advanced intelligent dog cameras come with a treat dispenser too. The camera and treat dispenser work as per the owner’s instruction. Thus, you can keep your dog happy and healthy and can also train him even if you are out of the home for some work. These intelligent dog cameras are a brilliant substitute for extremely busy dog owners.

Should I Communicate With My Dog Using A Camera?

Yes, talking to your dog through the camera when you are not at home is a nice idea. In this way, your dog remains free from anxiety. Dogs usually suffer from separation anxiety when their owner is out for their job or work. So they miss their owner and ultimately cause havoc inside the house due to this anxiety. To prevent your dog from causing such damage in the house, you should talk to him through the camera. Using these intelligent cameras is the best way to keep the friendship between you and your furry buddy unharmed, even if you aren’t around. You can give him training, teach him commands and also award him with the special intelligent cameras with treat dispenser.

Do Dog Cameras Help With Anxiety?

Yes, intelligent dog cameras, of course, help them with anxiety. Dogs usually suffer from separation anxiety whenever their owners are outside the home for working or job purposes. And this anxiety leads them to do much damage at home, like biting the sofa and pillows, scratching the hardwood floor and the walls, peeing or pooping inside the house, whining and more. At that time, while he is missing you, he can see you as well as interact with you through an intelligent dog camera. This camera gives them access to hear your voice and praises. Thus, an intelligent dog camera with a two-way voice transfer facility helps dogs to get relief from anxiety.

How to Get a Dog to Look At the Camera?

Making your dog observe the intelligent dog camera or interact through this device might be hard for the first time, and if it is unknown to him. That’s why your dog needs to be warmly introduced to the intelligent dog camera so that he’s not scared of it and is able to look at it to talk to you. You can follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Introduce the camera to your dog as a playful thing. He should get used to it as a better source of communication
  • Use positive reinforcement in case of introducing the camera to him as an interesting thing.
  • By making appreciative and funny noises around the intelligent dog camera, you can make your dog familiar with it
  • Whenever he abides by your order and looks at the camera for the objective of communicating, reward him with a treat.

Why Do Dogs Not Like Cameras?

Dogs are usually scared of cameras if they see them for the first time. Cameras are unknown and new objects to them. Because of not being familiar to it from birth, dogs are naturally scared of cameras. Again, some dogs are noise sensitive. The sounds, movements or lights that cameras make are new to them. That’s why they get scared of the unknown new light or sound. They are scared of cameras imagining that these cameras might do any harm or damage to them somehow.

Where To Buy Intelligent Dog Camera Associated With A Treat Dispenser?

You can buy intelligent dog cameras in the markets as per your desire. They are found in forms and with numerous facilities. Some cameras also come with an in-build automatic commanded treat dispenser. But visiting the market is hazardous for busy dog owners. Again, choosing the best one for a gathering might also be tough. That’s why dog owners can also buy an intelligent dog camera online. You can simply visit Amazon or Chewy to purchase the best one for your dog. Reading through the reviews might also give a clear concept of each product. However, in order to reduce multifarious options and confusion, here’s a review of all the highly suggested and heavy-duty intelligent dog cameras from which you can choose one according to your requirements.

Top 7 Intelligent Dog Cameras with Treat Dispenser

  1. Furbo 360° View Wide Intelligent Camera With Treat Dispenser
  2. WOPET Full HD Night Vision with Wi-Fi Facility with Treat Dispenser
  3. PETCUBE Lite Interactive Live 1080p HD Intelligent Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser
  4. Eufy Dog and Cat Monitoring 360° View 1080p HD Live Camera with Treat Dispenser
  5. Owlet 2-Way Audio And Recorded Audio Facility Includes 1080p HD Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser
  6. Yakri Automatic Feeder Night Vision Camera with 1080p HD Facility
  7. Dokoo 360° View Free cloud Storage Night Vision Camera with Treat Dispenser

Beset Intelligent Dog Cameras with Treat Dispenser

Furbo 360° View Wide Intelligent Camera with Treat Dispenser

Furbo 360-degree view intelligent dog camera is a premium camera with a treat dispenser. It includes advanced smart detecting technology. Thus, this device notifies the owner whenever the dog does any irregular activity, like barking, scratching etc. It facilitates real-time two-way audio facility, live 1080p HD live video contact and clear color night vision. The special camera also has the advanced feature of zooming up to 4x limits. Besides this advanced camera, the device also includes a standard treat dispenser using which you can reward your dog any time, even if you aren’t at home.


  • Has a 360-degree full rotational view access for full room coverage
  • Provides 2 way real-time audio connectivity
  • Camera previews 1080p HD vision at night and day
  • Using an android, you can always monitor your dog’s behavior and activity
  • The app enables your dog with a treat whenever you command
  • Has a zooming facility with up to 4x limit
  • Barking alert will always keep you informed
  • It also provides smoke alerts or accident alerts in your absence at home


  • Comparatively more expensive than the other cameras on the market

WOPET Full HD Night Vision with Wi-Fi Facility with Treat Dispenser

The WOPET HD camera includes unique specifications for live streaming and monitoring your dog when you aren’t at home. The camera includes Wi-Fi connecting facility for clearer 1080p HD night vision and monitoring of your dog. The intelligent camera includes 2 way audio connecting facility. Also, the camera is specialized for viewing colorful and clearer night visions. Besides, the intelligent camera also includes a treat dispenser so that you can reward your dog over the phone.


  • Ensures a wide-angle view for monitoring your dog
  • Has a two-way audio connectivity
  • Treat dispenser is also available for a recommended size of treat, i.e., 6 to 15mm of treat size
  • Ensures Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 1080p HD live stream for monitoring
  • Also provides a clearer night vision
  • Budget-friendly and long-lasting


  • Doesn’t include 360 degree rotating facility
  • Doesn’t include a bark alert

PETCUBE Lite Interactive Live 1080p HD Intelligent Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

The Petcube lite interactive camera is a great option for supervising or monitoring both dogs as well as cats. Though this device is known for its 1-minute easy setup, the camera still gets ready for working within less than 60 seconds. The unique feature of this intelligent camera is that this camera allows you to have access to a vet 24/7 online service. The intelligent camera also includes a treat dispenser having the capability of holding up to 1.5 lbs of container. Two way audio facility and 8x zooming access are the key features of it.


  • The intelligent camera provides vision access up to 180 degrees
  • The vision comes in 1080p HD clear vision
  • Camera previews clear vision during the day as well as at night
  • Provides a 160-degree wide angular view
  • Includes a treat dispenser with the containing ability of 1.5lbs
  • Has a special Wi-Fi connectible opportunity
  • Doesn’t support the 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Motion alert is also available
  • Helpful for both dog owners and the cat owners
  • 2 way audio communication is also supported
  • Includes a treat dispenser for an instant reward to your dog over the phone
  • Provides a clear 30 feet clear vision for night


  • Doesn’t include 360 degree rotation facility.

Eufy Dog and Cat Monitoring 360° View 1080p HD Live Camera with Treat Dispenser

The Eufy dog camera has a 360° rotating and monitoring feature. And so this intelligent camera revolves around and ensures that your dog is always on the monitor. The camera includes a 1080p HD view that assures a clearer vision of your dog both during the day and at night time. This intelligent camera has a special quality of connecting to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections. Besides, the camera also includes a special detection ability and also alerts you of every action of your dog, like a bark, meow or any other issue.


  • Has a 360 degree rotational access for strong monitoring
  • Gives a 1080p HD view of your dog’s observation
  • Also provides a clearer vision for night
  • Has Wi-Fi convertibility access to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Also includes a treat dispenser so that you can reward your dog any time
  • The dispenser consists of an easily removable and dish washable food can
  • Also provides motion alerts, like bark, meow etc.
  • Comes with access to 60 days of 16 Gb storage for saving recorded videos


  • Doesn’t come with batteries included
  • Doesn’t include zooming facilities

Owlet 2 Way Audio and Recorded Audio Facility Included 1080p HD Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser

The Owlet intelligent dog monitoring camera is a bit different from the other intelligent dog cameras on the market. This intelligent camera can be perfectly connected with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections of Wi-Fi. It has 2 way audio communication technology; it allows you to monitor your dog from time to time. The 1080p HD camera also gives you a clear vision of your dog’s movement during the day or night as well. Thus, you get the sharp and vibrant live feed of your dog always. You can also deliver prerecorded voice messages to your dog through this device. It also includes a treat popper for an instant reward to your dog.


  • Supplies a 1080p HD live video feed of your dog’s monitoring
  • Works with Wi-Fi connection of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Highly compatible with iOS 7 or Android 5 and above
  • 2 way audio transfer and communication facility is also included
  • Auto-clear night vision
  • Recorded voice messages can be delivered too
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Also includes a treat tossing option
  • Money-back guarantee of a month
  • 12-months warranty


  • Doesn’t include zoom-in facilities
  • Doesn’t include 360 degree rotation facilities

Yakry Automatic Feeder Night Vision Camera with 1080p HD Facility

Yakry is a special form of intelligent dog camera with the unique feature of supplying a 10s recorded voice message. The complete set also contains an adaptor which helps the camera to work even if the power supply is lost in your absence at home. Its 1080p HD vision provides clearer and more distinct vision during both night and day time. The 6L dog and cat feeder is also included in it as a dog treat dispenser.


  • Provides scheduled meal alerts as well as 10s recorded voice messages
  • Allows 2 way audio communication connection
  • Live video and voice communication is ensures
  • Includes a high-quality treat dispenser
  • 1080p HD vision provides clearer and more distinct vision during both night and daytime
  • Wi-Fi enabled facility and compatible with Android devices
  • Also includes motion detecting feature


  • Doesn’t come with batteries

Dokoo 360° View Free Cloud Storage Night Vision Camera with Treat Dispenser

Dokoo is the most different and unique intelligent dog camera among the best products on the list. The camera provides a 2000p extremely distinct and clear view of your dog monitoring. It also has access to 360 degree rotation. But its rotation is comparatively more silent than maximum dog cameras in the market. Besides 2 way audio communication facility, it includes pet detection and treats tossing options as well. Besides, the intelligent camera includes beautiful and colorful light indicators, like white, blue and yellow.


  • Has 2k HD resolution and no chance of image distortion
  • Includes free cloud storage for saving photos and videos of your dog
  • SD card inserting facility is also available up to a maximum 128 GB
  • Made with triangle bracket material for extra safety
  • Three colorful light indicators are white, yellow and blue
  • Also comes with smart treat supplying features
  • Gives clearer vision during both daytime and nighttime
  • Compatible with 2.4G
  • Includes 360 degree silent rotation facility
  • Includes motion sensor alerts and messages


  • Doesn’t include a zoom-in facility
  • Expensive compared to the others

Wrapping It Up

Being a very busy dog owner is a common fact. It’s usual that you have to out for your job while your dog is alone at home, suffering from separation anxiety and destroying everything in the home. In such cases, an intelligent dog camera with a treat dispenser is all you need. Utilizing this appliance, you can observe your furry kid every now or then. Because of two-way audio communication facilities and recorded audio facilities, your dog won’t be suffering from separation anxiety anymore. Besides, motion alerts are the best thing that informs you about any irregular activity at your home. So you should check out the best intelligent camera for monitoring your dog right now.


As dogs lack the ability to perceive infrared light rays, they can’t see cameras at night easily. The intelligent dog cameras actually use infrared light ray technology to click clear and distinct pictures at night. As they don’t have that equal capacity of night vision, they are unable to see the night vision cameras.

No device in this work is 100% resistive against hacking. Furbo intelligent dog camera uses encrypted connections and security protocols to transmit data, ensuring that the camera feed is protected. Furbo uses encrypted connections and security protocols to transmit data, ensuring that the camera feed is protected. Additionally, Furbo regularly updates its firmware to patch any potential vulnerabilities. It also has additional hack-resistant features and updates which try to resist dog cameras up to the maximum limit.

Furbo has two ways of choosing the premium version. As the first option, the intelligent dog camera technology charges $6.99 per month for more advanced features. As the second option, it charges $69 as a discount rate which supplies the full month premium subscription. This premium subscription procedure enables users with advanced features, like free cloud storage, motion and barking detection, and more. The subscription enhances your Furbo experience, allowing you to make the most of this innovative pet camera and treat dispenser.