Left Handed Shears for Dog Grooming

Left Handed Shears for Dog Grooming

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Grooming shears or scissors are a vital part of a dog grooming session. Without these shears, you won’t be able to give the perfectly desired cut to your furry buddy. These shears help to form beautiful curves, cuttings and delicate detailing. But the, left-handed groomers face huge problems in adjusting to the shears designed mainly for right-hand use. That’s why here’s a recommendation on the best left-handed shears for dog grooming for left-handed dog owners, groomers as well as professionals.

What Is Left-Handed Dog Grooming Scissors?

A left-handed grooming scissor is a special type of shearing tool manufactured mainly for left-handed dog groomers or professionals. In these types of left-handed shears for dog grooming, the blades are usually reversed in position, and the top blade of the shear is always placed on the left. These dog grooming shears make grooming easier for left-handed groomers. This reversed design is mainly established to ensure the smoothest access for left-handed dog groomers. Utilizing these left-handed grooming shears, they’ll be able to do fine cuttings, shaping and tripping of your fur baby easily and according to the desired trend.

Are Left-Handed Scissors Necessary?

Left-handed dog grooming scissors are indeed necessary for left-handed people. These left-handed dog grooming shears are specially designed with reversed blade design. It facilitates left-handed groomers to a great extent. It provides a special comfort to left-handed groomers as they can carefully remain concerned about where to clip in case of precise designs. But handling the normal dog grooming shears might be difficult for left-handed groomers. And bringing the expected design using left-handed scissors is also quite difficult. That’s why left-handed dog grooming scissors are a must for lefty groomers.

Why Do The Left-Handed Grooming Shears Work Better?

Left-handed dog grooming shears work better for left-handed groomers. It’s difficult for them to adjust to the normal shear as it becomes reversed for them to use the normal ones. Thus, by using left-handed dog grooming shears, the lefty groomers will be able to give more precise and clear-cutting. The soft ergonomic features of these shears also supply the optimum comfort and control over the grooming scissors to give your pup a perfect cut. That’s why using left-handed dog grooming shears is more beneficial for left-handed groomers, as they can have more flexibility, control and comfort.

Can A Lefty Individual Utilize the Regular Right-Handed Dog Grooming Shears?

Yes, a left-handed groomer can use regular right-handed grooming scissors, but it will be sort of difficult for them to manage because the left-handed groomer won’t be able to work with the regular shears precisely. That’s why special left-handed grooming shears are recommended for lefty groomers so that they can confront their stress and earn more confidence while grooming. It is almost impossible to achieve the desired results for a left-handed groomer if he uses regular right-handed grooming scissors.

What Features Are Mandatory For Buying The Best Lefty Canine Grooming Shears?

You should, of course, look for premium quality while purchasing dog grooming shears specially designed for left-handed dog groomers. The premium quality must include features like- reversed blade placement, ergonomic comfort, stainless steel and sturdy material, long-term durability, optimum comfort and control and so on. There is also a variety of shears from which you can select the color also. Various shears are available in various sizes depending on the type of cut that you want to give to your furry kid.

Top 6 Best Left Handed Shears for Dog Grooming

  1. Kenchii Grooming 3 Piece Set Comfortable Grip Left-Handed Shear Set
  2. LILY’S PET Thinning Cutting and Curving 3-Piece Shear Set Of 7.5″ For Left Handed Groomers
  3. Purple Dragon 8″ Cutting Scissor for Left-Handed Groomers Used For Mancinism Dog Grooming
  4. HASHIMOTO 7.5″ Curved Dog Grooming Shears for the Left-Handed Groomers
  5. Recubay 54T Thinner Lefty Dog Grooming Shears for Professional Grooming Of All Breeds
  6. FOGOSP 7″ Chunker Curving Shears For A Lefty, Especially For Professional Grooming.

Best Left Handed Shears for Dog Grooming 

Kenchii Grooming 3 Piece Set Comfortable Grip Left-Handed Shear Set

The Kenchii Grooming is offering Left Hand Spider Shears for your furry buddy, which are made of pure stainless steel. It is made professionally in a Japanese curved style. You can choose 8″ straight or curved. It also contains 44 Tooth thinner, which is 7″ in length. You can also choose the full set, which also reaches with an included Faux Leather carrier. Moreover, the product also offers a free 6-pack of Kenchii finger inserts, which helps to avoid any type of blisters and keep your shears properly fitting. The product weighs 1.13 pounds. The package dimensions are 12.52 x 6.97 x 1.93 inches. The blade edges are straight and, most importantly, serrated. If you are looking for a set of perfect grooming shears for the comfortability of your furry buddy, then this is a win-win product for you, which will meet your expectations fully.


  • Constructed with stainless steel.
  • Got serrated and straight blade edges.
  • Perfectly made in a professional curved Japanese style.
  • Very suitable and comfortable to use.
  • Can avoid from causing any blisters.
  • Fits perfectly in the left hand.
  • Offers a splendid grooming session for your furry buddy.
  • Provides multiple options like: 8″ straight or curved, 44 Tooth thinner (which is 7″ in length).
  • Arrives with a Faux Leather case.
  • Offers a free pack of 6 finger inserts.
  • Elegantly balanced for grooming your puppy comfortably.


  • Contains Sharp points, so it must be used carefully.

LILY'S PET Thinning Cutting and Curving 3 Piece Shear set Of 7.5" For Left Handed Groomers

LILYS PET Store is offering a high-end 7.5″ left-handed grooming shears set, which will provide a perfect grooming session for your furry buddy. The scissors are manufactured with high-quality 4CR stainless steel, which offers a hardness of 56HRC and contains a coating of Titanium, which offers increased durability and eye-catching style. The item dimensions are 10.2 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches. The item weighs 1.1 pounds. It offers an eye-catching multi-color product. The Grooming kit includes a 7.5″ cutting scissor, a 7.5″ Thinning scissor, an up-Curved 7.5″ scissor, a down-Curved 7.5″ scissor, Grooming Comb, a brushing cloth and a scissor case. The product is designed elegantly to ensure the least possible risk for receptive motion injury. Moreover, the blade edges are straight and offer a curved point style, which is perfect for grooming your furry buddy comfortably.


  • Contains a Titanium finish, which provides increased durability.
  • Offers a style which is professionally curved.
  • Straight blade edges, which are perfect for grooming.
  • Constructed with premium-grade stainless steel of 4CR, along with excellent surface treatment.
  • Offers a hardness of 56HCR.
  • Offers an eye-catching grooming set.
  • Elegantly designed to provide a comfortable grip.
  • Reduces the intensity of your labor needed for grooming.
  • Ensures the maximum safety measures against receptive motion injury.
  • Ergonomically curved finger thumb hole, which helps to decrease arm, elbow, neck, shoulder and back problems.
  • The product includes 1 down-Curved scissor, 1 straight scissor, 1 thinning scissor, 1 up-Curved scissor, 1 brushing cloth, and 1 scissor case.


  • Sometimes complaints arise due to the product being slightly less sharpened.

Purple Dragon 8" Cutting Scissor for Left-Handed Groomers Used For Mancinism Dog Grooming

The Purple Dragon Store is providing you with 8″ Left handed grooming scissors, which will be perfect for your furry buddy. The product is constructed with Japan 440C Grade stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable, strong and properly functional. It offers a hardness of 62 HRC. The sharp blades come with the finest trimming at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. The product weighs 6.4 ounces. The item package dimension is 9.84 x 3.66 x 1.02 inches. The blade is 4 inches in length, the finger ring diameter is 0.86 inches, and the total scissor length is 8 inches. The extremely sharp blades come with blunt tips and convex edges, which can trim hair smoothly without causing any damage or splitting hair ends. The product contains raised and adjustable screws. You can modify the desired tightness to satisfy your preferred tension only by using your hand. If you are looking for the finest, well-balanced design containing shears for grooming your puppy on a long-term basis, then this is a must to have product for you.


  • Constructed with Japan 440C Grade stainless steel.
  • Got the Finest cutting angle of 45 degrees.
  • Got a delicate adjustable screw and silencer design.
  • Offers a hardness of 62HRC, which increases durability.
  • Got an extreme resilience muffler, which decreases the frictional resistance between handles.
  • Offers uniformly polished inner guide rails, which ensures the flexibility of the contact surface.
  • Can adjust the tightness to meet the desired tension by using your hand.
  • Can trim hair smoothly without damaging or splitting hair ends.
  • Offers immensely sharp blades with blunt tips and convex edges.


  • Since it contains sharp blades, cautiousness while using it is a must.

HASHIMOTO 7.5" Curved Dog Grooming Shears for the Left Handed Groomers

The HASHIMOTO Curved Scissor is offering you a totally lightweight grooming shear for your furry buddy, which is designed for both right and left-handers. The product is a curved 7.5″ grooming shear. It is constructed with Japanese 440C stainless steel, which ensures the smoothness and sharpness of the blade. Due to having a symmetrical handle, both left, and right-handers can use it with ease. The product is uniquely designed for dog groomers who want lightweight grooming shears so that they can feel comfortable while using them. The product weighs 4.2 ounces. The package dimension is 9.57 x 3.35 x 0.98 inches. Moreover, it has a polished finish. The product makes your furry buddy’s grooming session very comfortable when it comes to rounding heads, feet, faces, tails and paws. It is very sharp, sturdy as well as effortless to utilize. If you are looking for a lightweight shear, which will be both user-friendly and elegantly designed for right and left-handers, then this product has no alternative.


  • Blades are constructed from Japanese 440C stainless steel, which increases the sharpness and makes it smooth.
  • Due to having a symmetrical handle, it is used by right as well as lefty groomers.
  • Elegantly designed for dog groomers.
  • Got a polished finish and a perfectly curved point style.
  • Feels lightweight, making it easy to use.
  • Can be used for rounding head, feet, paws and tail perfectly.
  • Very easy to handle and comfortable for your furry buddy.
  • Very much sturdy and sharp.
  • Perfect for your furry buddy


  • Sometimes users complain about its longevity.

Recubay 54T Thinner Lefty Dog Grooming Shears for Professional Grooming of All Breeds

The Recubay Store is offering left-handed deluxe dog grooming shears, which can be used for all types of dogs. The product is constructed with Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel, which ensures the sharpness, hardness, durability and smoothness of the blades. The product has a Matte finish. The product comes with 1 scissor, 1 wiping cloth, 1 regulator, 2 finger rings and 1 bag. The item weighs 6.4 ounces. The item package dimension is 10 x 3.5 x 0.95 inches. The product is 54T Thinner Lefty. The product is recommended for day-to-day Thinning, Texturing and Blending. The 7.5-inch thinning shear, which has a blade of 3.75″, is a comfort silencer, which means it can provide a smooth and soft cutting stroke. It is ergonomically designed to provide you with the maximum scope of safety measures and reduce the chances of cramping. If you are searching for an elegantly designed grooming shear, which contains a Matte finish, and can provide you with professional grooming facilities, then this is a value for money.


  • Made from Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel.
  • Can provide you with immense sharpness, hardness, smoothness and durability.
  • 54 T Thinner Lefty, which is recommended for day-to-day texturing, blending and thinning.
  • Ergonomically manufactured to supply the most suitable and comfortable features
  • Causes less fatigue around the handles, and fingers find it easy to hold and use.
  • Evenly texturizes your puppy’s fur instead of splitting or damaging his fur ends.
  • Can provide a smooth cutting stroke.
  • Can give you professional grooming features.
  • The product includes 1 scissor, 1 wiping cloth, 1 regulator, 2 finger rings and 1 bag.


  • Users sometimes complain due to the thumb and fibre rings being slightly small.

FOGOSP 7" Chunker Curving Shears for Lefty, Especially For Professional Grooming

The FOGOSP Store is offering a 7-inch grooming shear, which has a left-handed curved chunker style. The product is constructed with high-quality Japanese 440C stainless steel blades, which are with 35 sharp teeth. It offers a 50 % thinning rate. The stainless steel provides a hardness of 62HRC. The high-precision CNC screw provides smooth stability during opening and closing. The product can be opened and closed about 150000 times in theory. They are tempered with-hand-sharpened precise cutting edges, convex edges and hollow ground. The product is suitable for dogs over 11.8 inches / 30 cm in length. The blade edges are straight. The blade is 3.43″, and the total size is 7 inches. The item weighs 5.6 ounces. The package dimension is 9.92 x 3.43 x 0.94 inches. The product is manufactured with wire-cutting technology, which makes it sharp, durable and comfortable to use. Moreover, the shears adopted the most suitable curvature of 25 °, according to the international standard. If you want a grooming shear, which will provide your furry buddy with the most comfortable and professional grooming facilities, then this is a win-win product for you.


  • Manufactured with Japanese high-quality 440C sturdy and durable stainless steel blades, includes 35 sharp teeth.
  • Can be closed or opened approximately 150000 times.
  • Can provide with 50 % thinning rate.
  • Suitable for dogs over 11.8 inches / 30 cm in length.
  • Evenly texturizes your puppy’s fur instead of splitting or damaging his fur ends.
  • Can easily and swiftly thin curved parts.
  • Can provide you with professional grooming facilities.
  • Can give a smooth grooming experience.
  • CNC screw provides smooth opening and closing feature
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable hold and avoiding wrist joint injury.


  • Complaints arise due to the shear getting stuck during opening and closing.

Wrapping It Up

Left-handed shears for dog grooming are indeed necessary for left-handed groomers. In the case of ensuring smooth, precise and distinct grooming, using left-handed shears is a must for left-handed groomers. The premium quality of clipping shears includes various features, like- strong and sturdy steel, reversed blade, ergonomic design, fast and comfortable clipping feature and more. It’s always better for left-handed groomers to use the special lefty groomer’s set. It will ensure confidence and distinctness while clipping. At the same time, the regular right-handed shears are a form of stress for them.