My Dog Keeps Jumping After Being Neutered

My Dog Keeps Jumping After Being Neutered

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Neutering is regarded as a mandatory castrating procedure for male dogs. But, severe problems are encountered when you notice your dog jumping after being neutered. Vets strictly suspend all types of heavy work, playing, jumping, swimming, or crawling. Because these types of activities can increase the risks of opening up the suture and the stitches, that’s why; vets restrict these activities up to at least 14 days. After this period, he’s allowed to do everything.

Is Neutering My Dog Obligatory?

Some state laws have proposed neutering dogs to be mandatory, but there’s no official law for it yet. But this surgery has a lot of benefits for your dog. It really relies on you if you want your dog to be neutered or not. But if you don’t do so, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tons of puppies. On the other hand, neutering reduces the risks of testicular infections or carcinoma. Research showed that non-neutered dogs survive for an average of 8 years, whereas neutered dogs survive approximately 9 and a half years.

What Are the Mentioned Worthy merits of Getting My Dog Neutered?

Getting your dog neutered can be highly beneficial for both you and your fur baby. Many health hazards are reduced due to neutering. Again, average life expectancy also somewhat increases. Some mentions worthy benefits constitute:

  • Reduced aggressiveness
  • Reduced risk of testicular cancers or infections
  • Reduced risks of prostate infections
  • Increased average life expectancy
  • Reduced testicle-stimulated behaviors

If neutering is done to your fur baby, he seems calmer and less aggressive than before. There remains no chance of him getting engaged in dog fights or quarrels anymore. But during the healing period, dogs keep jumping out of pain.

After What Prolonged Period of Time Can My Dog Play Or Jump?a

At least up to 14 days after neutering, your dog isn’t allowed to run, jump, play, swim or do any heavy work. That’s because playing during this time might loosen or open up the stitches and sutures. Scratching or scooting at this time is also prohibited. But some vet-recommended products could help, like:

What Is the Reason of My Dog’s Continuous Jumping after Being Neutered?

Many a time, it is noticed that male dogs jump excessively after getting neutered. That might happen due to several reasons like:

  1. Because of the pain: During neutering surgery, your dog needs to go through a lot of pain. Sitting idle worsens the pain. That’s why; your furry buddy either jumps or runs along in order to get relief from that pain. It provides him instant relief from that jittery. But this act harms him; undoubtedly, this excessive jumping or running might lead to the stitches and sutures opening up.
  2. Because of the anesthetic medications: Usually, anesthetic processes are used before the neutering session. And it takes time for this anesthesia to wear off. As soon as the effect of anesthesia neutralizes, your dog faces pains, irritations, and discomfort, which compels him to jump excessively.
  3. Because of hormone level imbalance: Just after the neutering surgery, your dog’s hormone imbalance occurs. An imbalance in testosterone is really observed, which makes him hyperactive after the surgery session. This imbalance of hormones needs 6 months to disappear completely. And it makes your dog jump unnecessarily.

What Will Happen If My Dog Keeps Jumping After Neutering?

Vets strictly restrict a dog’s movements after neutering. If you find your dog having a little jump one week or more after the surgery, it’s nothing to worry about. However, if your dog loses balance due to jumping or if it turns serious, you need to call your vet immediately. Because if the sutures or stitches are open, they might cause infections and other health hazards.

Tips to Stop Keeping My Dog Jumping After Being Neutered

After neutering, it’s mandatory to keep your fur baby avoided from jumping. Otherwise, it might result in the tearing off of the suture along with the stitches. Some tips that might support you in this context are:

  • Using a leash both inside and outside the home
  • Providing mental stimulations that would keep him calm and abstaining from jumping
  • Avoid using puppy toys or stuff that might make him interested to jump.
  • You can also use tranquilizers if your vet suggests so
  • Increasing crate use during recovery days but not longer than 6 to 8 hours. In the case of puppies, this crate period shouldn’t exceed 4 hours.


It’s usual that you’ll find that your dog continuously keeps jumping even after being neutered. And that’s probably due to the repairing pain he’s going through. However, you need to play mind games or word games that won’t involve his body jumping. You also need to provide him with mental stimulation using various stimulating toys to avoid jumping. It’s all up to you, and you have to keep him happy even while lying after neutering.