Puppy Sleeps In Crate at Night but Not During Day

Puppy Sleeps In Crate at Night but Not during Day

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Dog crate has always been a great accommodation for dogs. A dog crate is safe for dogs, and at the same time, it is an important part of their training. Well, initially, this crate training is tough for the newbies. That is why, during the rising days, puppies often fear the crate and consider it a prison. If crate training is not done properly, puppies are usually found whining or crying in their crate. This incident often shows up during the daytime. And it often results in your puppy sleeping in the crate at night but not during the day.

Do Puppies Like Sleeping In Crate At Night?

On an average report, most of the trained puppies prefer sleeping in the crate during the nighttime. That is because; they feel a safe and secure vibe, just like being near their owner. Again, a portion of the dog population prefers sleeping in a crate near their owner’s bed or inside a warm blanket with their parents. But, comparatively, a good crate-trained puppy prefers sleeping in the dog crate during the night time. Moreover, that is because dogs are den animals. And so, they like their night sleep in enclosed areas, like crates.

Why Does Puppy Sleep In Crate only During Nighttime Rather Than Day?

The central reason behind such behavior of your dog is lack of training. Because of not being properly crate-trained, your dog finds the crate as a new place or a prison. There are multifarious causes for this behavior being observed in dogs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Not being properly crate trained: Maybe you didn’t put enough emphasis on crate training. Crate training might require days or weeks, or even up to 6 months. That depends on your dog’s adaptability. But if the training isn’t properly done, your dog might not consider the crate as a safe place. You probably need to upgrade your dog’s treats and spend more time with him.
  • Separation anxiety: In most cases, dogs go through separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone at home for their work. Their absence makes your dog worried and anxious enough to bark, whine and cry during the daytime. Sometimes, you will also find him destroying everything, including his dog bed, inside the crate.
  • Because of lack of exercise: Some stubborn fur babies prefer sleeping during the night time only. That is why the dog’s parents are often forced to use safe sleeping medications. But fortunately, there are alternatives to using those sleeping pills. Excessive exercises and training games can make him tired enough to sleep inside his crate, whether it is day or night.
  • Because of extra activeness: Some fur babies are born to be super active. Instead of running and jumping all day long, they are still not tired, which helps them stay awake and inspect what is going around. This consciousness makes them hyperactive in your absence; thus, you find them barking, whining and crying.

Is A Dog Crate A Comfortable Place For Your Dog To Sleep?

Dogs are popularly known as den animals, and so they enjoy staying in enclosed spaces like crates. So, dogs prefer staying in dog crates rather than the entire mansion. A crate-trained pooch finds the interior part of the crate as a safe and protected place. Sleeping at night in a comfortable dog bed gives them a sense of security which relieves them from all possible anxiety and stress. That is why; it is true that dogs find their crate as the most comfortable place to sleep at night. However, you need to ensure that he gets the necessary potty and urinating breaks.

Why Does My Dog Hate Sleeping In The Crate During Day Time?

Your dog finds the crate as a prison or a boring enclosed zone, which is why he hates sleeping in the crate during the daytime. This negative sense appears in fur babies when left alone in the dog crate for long hours. For example, it is common for dog owners to be absent during the day because of their work. But, this absence breeds a sense of insecurity which leads to loneliness, anxiety and boredom. That is why; even adult dogs shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the crate for more than 6 to 8 hours. Otherwise, it will make them feel isolated.

How to Make Puppies Sleep in the Crate during the Day?

To make your dog sleep in his crate during the day time, you need to make him familiar with the dog crate like his best accommodation. Moreover, the quality of training also needs to be improved besides giving them more time. Some tips that will help in making your dog sleep in his crate during the day time include the following:

  • First of all, you need to familiarize your fur baby with the dog crate. Introduce the crate like a fun toy to your dog so that he doesn’t consider it as a punishment or prison
  • Then you need to lay down treats on his way to the crate decorating it grandly. Also, you need to use appreciating words, like ‘crate’ pointing towards it.
  • You should decorate the interior part of the crate nicely with a comfy dog bed, toys, and enough treats to satisfy him.
  • Put your dog inside his crate and admire him giving rewards
  • Next time, you will have to act like departing from the room. For example, taking out your coat and shoes to make him feel like your departure. If he doesn’t react by barking or crying, reward him with his favorite treat.
  • Now, lock the crate door and wait for a few minutes for him to become familiar with it.
  • Gradually extend the training time from minutes to hours and repeat the process every day.

If this training is accomplished successfully, your dog will no longer be scared of this crate. And feeling it at home, he will definitely fall asleep in the crate during the daytime.


Some puppies are found to sleep in crates at night but not during the day. Actually, your fur baby is not familiar with or friendly to the crate. This sense of insecurity breeds anxiety in him. Thus, he starts considering the crate as an isolated prison. This captive feeling needs to be eradicated. And for that, proper training, applause and better treats are enough. You just need to increase spending time playing and training your fur baby. And consequently, everything will be fine.