What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Him Down To Cut His Nails?

What Can I Give My Dog To Calm Him Down To Cut His Nails

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There are commonly some categories of dogs who don’t support letting their parents cut their nails. And so, it’s necessary for those stubborn to be calm for which you need to sedate them. The incident of being scared for not letting cut their nails is genuine in most of the newbies which cause a great hazard to the owners or groomers. That’s why our today’s piece of content will be discussing the solution to these issues.

What Is The Actual Cause Behind My Pooch Getting Scared To Trim His Nails?

There’s of course a reason that your dog is getting stubborn and not letting you trim their nails. Some of the most common reasons for your canine’s fear towards trimmer might be:

  • Maybe the trimmer seems painful to him.
  • He’s not familiar with the nail trimming tool.
  • Fearful to leg touches or being restrained.
  • Has any painful experience with nail trimming.
  • Has been restrained previously in the wrong way.
  • The trimmer might be uncomfortable to him.
  • Getting nails trimmed for the first time.

What Category of Grooming Tool Can be Used in order to Trim my Dog’s Nail?

Another main reason your dog is scared to nail trimming is the type of nail trimmer that you are using for them. There are nail trimmers of different types available out there. Some of the common designs among them are:

  • Scissor like trimmers
  • Guillotine like
  • Clippers

Now, you need to decide which type of trimmer your fur baby is comfortable with. The most popular choice is dog clippers which are quiet as well as effective.

How Can I Groom My Stubborn Dog’s Nails?

If you don’t know for what your dog isn’t allowing you to trim his nails, you can undoubtedly take some suggestions from the professionals or vets, or the groomers. Now it’s common for your dog to be a too active buddy. In such circumstances, your dog requires to be sedated. But it should be considered that the process of sedating a dog is really complicated and for which the suggestion from the professionals is necessary. But there are two ways that you can tranquilize your dog, either naturally or in a meditative way.

How Can A Dog Be Tranquilized Naturally?

Though dogs can be seated with artificial tranquilizers, medicines, or drugs. But in those cases, there remains a risk of its side effects. That’s why getting your dog naturally tranquilized is the best. Some ways of tranquilizing your dog naturally are given below:

  • A tiring exercise or a heavy playtime can make your dog tired and free of stress. As he’ll be tired, there’ll be more chances of being sleepy which will help you in trimming his nails
  • A soft music and a dance with it can also give him mental stimulation and can also tire him resulting in a peaceful trimming session.
  • Moreover, vet recommended essential oils can be used to naturally tranquilize your dog.
  • Natural extracts that can help in calming your dog are- chamomile, Ashwagandha, Tryptophan, hemp extracts, etc.

What Can I Give My Fur Baby To Calm Him Down To Cut His Nails?

Medications or drugs should always be considered as the second choice or alternative to natural relaxing ingredients. The following list will represent the safest drugs to sedate your dog. But still, confirmation of the application of them from the vet or groomer is necessary.

  • Benadryl or melatonin acts as an effective medication to calm and reduce stress in dogs. This drug is proved to be safe for humans but not for dogs. It might cause somewhat internal disturbance to your dog if given in the wrong way and in the incorrect dosage.
  • Stress relieving essential oils are also available in the markets. But for that, the proper suggestion from the professionals is necessary.
  • You can use other sedatives to calm your dog, like Trazodone, Acepromazine, Benzodiazepines, Gabapentin, injective sedatives, and more. But for the use of these drugs, guidance under a vet is necessary. And so, its prescribed use is the best decision in this regard.
  • Dog anxiety eradicating vest treats and other supplies are also available. The sedatives like vest are a good option acting alternative to medications for which you don’t need any prescription.
Are Sedative Medications Safe For My Fur Baby?

Actually, it majorly depends on the amount of dosage, immunity, and acceptability of your fur baby. So it combinedly refers that the artificial medication is totally safe for your dog. Everything has its pros and cons and the sedatives are no exception. Along with reducing stress in dogs, these drugs leave some silent side effects in your canine’s body. Even the Benadryl if taken in an unordered manner may cause a disaster. So, a certified prescription from the vet along with a dosage routine is necessary for the use of these sedatives.


Precaution is one of the necessary steps that you can never think of forgetting while you’re trying to trim your dog’s nails. In case of tranquilizing,

  • You should remain alert that your dog is getting overtired or not.
  • If any side effects are noticed in him after the use of sedatives, you should immediately plan a visit to the vet.
  • Avoid the alternative sedatives if your dog has any kind of allergy or reaction to them.

In case of trimming,

  • Make sure that the trimmer or nail clipper doesn’t hurt him.
  • Try buying the ones making lower noise comparatively.
  • Try not to cause any hurt to the blood vessels that include the portion.
  • Always try to keep a styptic powder in hand. In case of bleeding start, dip the nail in the powder.

If you maintain all the above-mentioned conditions of using alternative sedatives to calm your dog, you’ll hopefully face no issues. But you need to sort out the reason for your dog’s denying to nail trimming. Because if he’s not anxious to nail trimming, you don’t need to use any sedative on him. So, you should know the proper steps to trim dog nails. If he’s not familiar with the trimming tool, try making him familiar with the trimmer as a toy. Making him familiar with foot touches will also contribute in this regard. But you should keep in mind that accidents are actually inevitable. So, keeping a styptic powder with you while trimming nails is a must.