What Clipper Blade To Use On Goldendoodle?

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Goldendoodle falls in the category of some exceptional dogs who don’t go through excessive shedding like the other breeds of dogs. And for protecting their beautiful coat from getting damaged, you need to take extra care of it. There are millions of different clippers found out there for grooming dogs. You can randomly select any of the best quality grooming clippers for dogs. Or, we can shortly mention that the Andis Pro-clip 2-speed has been the popular choice among the most Goldendoodle owners. In the case of home grooming your dog by yourself, the precondition is to ensure all the sizes of blades that are required for your grooming session.

Why Do I Need A Special Clipper For My Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle is a very special breed that comes in a fairly curly and wavy coat. To maintain the stunning look of the coat, and to give a perfect and smooth cut to your furbaby, a clipper belonging to the best quality is a must. The buying of expensive clippers is never a loss. Instead, it’s an investment for your dog’s grooming. Some different-sized sharp clipper blades will help you to go through a smooth and in-depth clipping experience.

Which Blade Sizes Are Needed For Goldendoodle Grooming?

There are some number clipper blades that are the must-needed before you start the grooming session. Some of the necessary clipping blade sizes that are a must with you include- #1,#7,#6,#9,#10, and more.

First, let’s better to start your grooming with size #10. And below here, the use of other sizes of the blades will also be mentioned respectively.

Which Sized Clipping Blades Are Needed For My Dog’s Hair Style?

Three main types of Goldendoodle hairstyles have earned fame among the Goldendoodle owners. The needed clipper blades for the three cuts- kennel cut, puppy cut, and lamb cuts are mentioned below respectively.

Kennel Cut: In this kind of trim, the necessary blades are –

  • For the matted coat, the size 7F is a good choice to start.
  • Trimming of body and legs might require the three sizes- #3,#4, and #5 according to the necessity.
  • #10 or #15 are the good choice of the blade for trimming feet, the base of the tail, and the face.
  • Topknots or tailpieces can be done with the help of normal grooming scissors.

Puppy Or Summer Cut:

  • Trimming of body and legs might require #5 and #7 sizes.
  • Face trimming, tail-base and feet trimming might require the sizes #10 or #15
  • The stomach or the maximum body part comes of a good trim with the #10 size.
  • Rest decoratives like top knots, pom-poms, or tails can be sized with scissors.

Lamb Cut:

  • Face trimming, tail-base, and feet trimming might require the sizes #10 or #15
  • Over the body, a good trim can be given with the sizes #3, #4, and #5
  • Leg trimming requires the blade size of #30 along with a comb or either 1” or ¾”
  • Top knots and decorative tails can be done with scissors.

When you’re decided to groom your dog at home and have already bought the best clipper for your fur baby, it’s also very necessary to get the required blade sizes as necessary. These varieties of clipper blades give your baby a nice, smooth, and beautiful cut. You need to know that the function of all the clipper blades isn’t the same; instead, all of them have their separate mentionable functions.

What Clipper Blade To Use On Goldendoodle?

The different sizes and varieties of clipper blades are needed for performing their individual functions perfectly. The working role of a few high-rated and important clipper blade sizes are mentioned as following below:

  • Blade Size: #10: This size of the blade is used to cut the dog coat and to leave it with a length of 1/16” to 2mm
  • Blade Size: #15: This size is also a good choice for body trimming which cuts leaving a length of about 1.2 mm
  • Blade Size: #30: Leaves the coat of the dog with a length of 0.5 mm after the cut.
  • Blade Size: #9: This size leaves the Goldendoodle coat with a length of 2 mm or 5/64” approximately.
  • Blade Size: #8.5: This size of the blade is quite effective for leaving the cuts with 2.8 mm of length or 7/64” approximately.
  • Blade Size: #5, #7, #8: These three sizes of blades are well renowned as the toe blades as they are quite effective for toe and foot trimming.
  • Blade Size: #7: Leaves the cuts with an approximate length of 1/8” or 3.2 mm
  • Blade Size: #5: This blade size leaves the cutting with a length of about 6 mm or ¼” approximately.
  • Blade Size: #4: It cuts and leaves the coat comparatively longer with a length of 9.5 mm or 3.8”
  • Blade Size: #3: The size 3F genuinely leaves your dog’s coat with the highest length, that is ½” or 13 mm approximately.
  • Blade Size: #40, #50: For short cuts, critical parts, for extra fashionable hair cut and for the surgical zones.

So, this is the best clipper blade size for  Goldendoodle list you need to understand what sizes of clipping blades you need initially to groom your Goldendoodle. All the basics and the most important blade sizes are given importance in this list.


Only buying the best dog grooming clipper for grooming your Goldendoodle isn’t enough. You need to know the effectiveness of different sizes of clipping blades. As a home groomer, it’s a must for you to have a collection of the most necessary ones. But before purchasing, you need to check whether the teeth of the clipper blades are enough strong or not because often the fake ones are sold in the markets. Blades are done, but you need to take proper care of your clipper as well by oiling it on a regular basis.