What Is The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test?

What Is The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test

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DNA test kits are known to be the most authentic source of getting a clearance of the breed your dog belongs to. You’ll often find yourself walking to the store and the people over there asking what breed your fur baby belongs to. DNA typing, simply known as DNA testing, refers to the genetic testing of the gene sequence existing in your dog. Every organism has a specific gene responsible for certain characteristics, and even the gene sequence among the parents and of springs may also differ. But this DNA test of your dog will uncloak the genetic identity and inheritance pattern as well.

What Does A Dog DNA Test Tell You?

DNA testing actually reveals the ancestry and breed identity of your pooch. The result of a DNA test is not bounded to breed determination. Rather, it allows you to approach his paternity, genetic line description, purebred or crossbred background, and identify gene mutations and certain diseases, like Von Willebrand Disease and Glaucoma. Moreover, a DNA test of your dog will also let you know any specific disorder in your dog’s breed, like Muscular Dystrophy, which is usually found in the golden retrievers.

What Is The Most Probable Charge For Testing My Dog's DNA?

The average range of DNA testing costs that you’ll find everywhere lies between USD 60 to USD 200. The testing comes in this range because some DNA tests only report you with your fur baby’s breed determination only. In contrast, some other DNA test kits are able to put forward a complete report of the family tree, probable genetic disease or mutations, and more.

Can I Accomplish A DNA Test On My Pooch?​

DNA tests are, of course, enabled for dogs belonging to all breeds. By using the DNA test kits, you can learn about the genetic reports of your dog at home. Usually, it takes more or less than 2 to four weeks. But the ultimate authenticity of your dog’s breed is ensured through it. No other source of determining dog breed or genetic background is as trustable as DNA testing.

What Is The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test?

At present, the Embark DNA test has secured the first position among the other competitive DNA tests. It’s said that the Embark DNA test provides you with 95 to 99 percent accurate results. The breed database of Embark covers most of the dog breeds as approved by the American Kennel Club, numerically about 350. The Embark DNA test is able to analyze twice the maximum genetic markers. This DNA test is capable enough of identifying the most common dog breed genetic diseases and is able to detect about 200 mutations of genes and as many as 210 types of genetic health risk.

There are many reasons for the Embark DNA test kit being the #1 choice in the market. The foremost reason is- that the DNA reports by this test kit are 95 to 99 percent accurate. They present the accurate and information-enriched personalized report of your dog. Within only two to four weeks, this DNA kit allows you to view the full DNA report of your fur baby in the Embark’s dashboard, and if desired, it can be printed as well.

Besides the Embark Dog DNA test kit, there are also other choices available in the market accessing with similar results.

Only the names of the best DNA kits aren’t enough for you to choose the one that you’ve actually desired. A brief description of all these six products is depicted as follows:

6 Dog DNA Test For Breed, Health & Family Tree
Embark DNA Test Kit Breed + Health For Dogs Especially For Determining Health Issues, And Family Tree

The Embark DNA test kit is specially designed for determining dog breed with the highest accuracy and sorting out hereditary health issues. It’s found that about 75% of dogs are at the risk of either being a carrier or a victim of genetic disorders. However, the Embark dog DNA testing kit is successfully able to determine the breed of your dog as well as sort out 210+ health risks. The following test kit examines over about 230,000 genetic markers, which is as many as two times compared to the next competitor. The Embark DNA test kit screens for 350+ dog breeds, most of which are recognized by the American Kennel Club.


  • Embark DNA test reveals your dog’s breed with the highest accuracy of 95% to 99%
  • Determines the breed of your dog amongst 350+ breeds that are approved by the AKC
  • This DNA test kit also tests through 210+ genetic health risks in your dog.
  • Moreover, this test kit also shows up your dog’s family tree, and about 90% of the users were able to discover close relatives.
  • Examines over 230,000 genetic markers
  • It was the highest-rated on Amazon, having 5 stars from 16,000 reviews.
  • Embark is partnered with Cornell University College, known for Veterinary Medicine, and uses data of research grade.
  • Provides the most accurate results and is the most scientifically advanced
  • Shows up with a family tree, and thus 12% of users have found direct family members.
  • This test also reports 35+ physical traits concerned with genetic information.
  • Very easy to use. You just need to be activated on your PC, swab your dog and mail it.
  • Reports arrive within a very short time that is 2 to 4 weeks.


  • Somewhat privacy is affected.
Embark Breed Determining Dog DNA Test Kit For Genetic Ancestry And Family Tree

This product in our list is also highly approved by the vets as the previous one. It’s also a part of Embark’s DNA testing kits. But using this DNA test kit, you won’t be able to screen test your dog’s health issues, genetic mutations, or genetic disease risks. The Embark’s test kit is a platform for research-level genotyping of your dog’s breed. It can determine the breed of your dog amongst their concern of 350+ dog breeds, among which most are approved by the American Kennel Club. It’s able to determine the percentage of cross-breeding in your dog’s gene, find relatives of him, and also depict the family tree.


  • Provides you with the most authentic results in determining your dog’s breed
  • Screens your dog’s breed over their conscience of 350+ breeds recognization
  • The product belongs to a special brand, Embark, which is a partner of Cornell University College, known for Veterinary Medicine.
  • The precise breed detecting contribution of Embark Dog breed determining DNA test kit is all down as 5 % whereas the other competitors in the market show the same up to 12% or more.
  • Easy to use, only with the swabbing feature.
  • Helps in determining the genetic background and ancestry.
  • Also helps in determining the dog’s relative and shows the family tree.
  • Provides the most accurate results within a very short time, that is 2 to 4 weeks.
  • A budget-friendly option for the owners
  • If your Embark account is upgraded, you can also get alarms of 200+ genetic disease risk alerts.


  • Doesn’t provide the facility of determining genetic disease risk until the account is upgraded
Wisdom Panel 3.0 Dog Breed Testing DNA Kit For Checking Genetic Ancestry

The wisdom panel, often known as the most accurate and trustworthy DNA testing kit, stands just after the Embark DNA test kit. Using this kit, you’ll get the most accurate results of your dog’s breeds. Again, many owners use the wisdom panel breed determining DNA kit for being ensured besides using the Embark DNA test kit. However, the differences between these two kits are minimal. It’s quite similar to the Embark DNA test kit as it is also capable of determining dog breed accurately besides identifying dog genetic ancestry, physical traits, and important health issues.


  • Screens your dog’s breed from their vast conception of 350+ breeds, their types, and details analysis.
  • Within only 2 to 3 weeks of submitting the DNA samples, a full online report on your dog’s ancestry, physical traits, and other characteristics are determined.
  • Through DNA samples, up to 150+ health conditions are checked in him.
  • Already 1.5 million+ DNA tests have been made all through the world by utilizing this DNA test kit.
  • Provides full dog breed identity and ancestry report
  • Tests your dog’s breed is determined through multi-resistance life-saving screening.
  • Avails you with a three-dimensional family tree of your dog, determines breeds as well as discovers the close relatives.
  • Shows the probable breeds of a mix through percentages
  • Easy to use with the cheek swab for 15 seconds
  • A full online report is finally made with the full ancestry background, physical traits and health issues, and health conditions.


  • Doesn’t analyze all the genetic traits
Widom Panel Essential Dog Breed Testing DNA Kit Providing Medical Traits And Ancestry

That’s another new contribution from the Wisdom Panel in determining the DNA of your fur baby. This DNA testing kit is able to determine the breed mix in your dog as less as 1%. They are able to uncover the actual breed of your dog from their vast conception of over 350+ dog breeds and varieties. It is said that the wisdom panel has the world’s largest DNA database on the varieties of dog breeds and has already tested the DNA of a huge number of dogs which is about 2 million+. Moreover, the Wisdom panel breed identifier DNA test kit also screens for 25+ medical complications if found in his DNA. It’ll also help you by unscrewing the mystery of his genetic traits and ancestry background.


  • Shows the breed mix percentage of your dog as down to 1 %
  • Determines the most appropriate breed of your dog after going through 350+ breeds and other varieties among fidos
  • Has a huge diversity of screening 25+ medical complications in dogs through DNA
  • Determines the overall condition of your dog by screening through 35+ physical test checks.
  • Uncloaks his actual breed, ancestry report, physical traits, and health insights
  • Wisdom panel has the largest database on the dog breeds, and already 2 million+ tests have been done
  • Also reveals other secondary factors, like his fruitful weight, hair length, muzzle shape, and so on.
  • It’s very easy to use; just a swabbing of his cheek will work
  • The reports arrived very fast, within 2 to 3 weeks of use.
  • Checks the genetic line and breed of your dog with an accuracy of 98 percent
  • Dog sensitivities are also reported, like MDR 1
  • Provides an overall report of your dog online after activating the account.


  • Users claim that sometimes, they don’t attain 100% accuracy by using this kit
DNA My Dog Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

DNA my dog is such a type of dog breed testing DNA kit that is able to provide you with 99.97% accurate results within a comparatively less time, 2 weeks or even less. Besides determining your dog’s breed composition, this test kit is also accessed with the features of determining the unique genetic traits of your four-legged buddy. The exception is that this DNA breed test kit supplies the pet parents with a certificate of his full genetic report and a photograph of him. Genetic health complications are also taken into consideration by these special DNA test kits. And like the most other choices on this list, the DNA my dog kit also represents the breed composition of your dog in percentage.


  • Determines the actual breed of your dog with a 99.97 percent accuracy ensured.
  • Prevents with the full custom certificate report of your fur baby with a picture of him on it.
  • Reports about the unique personality traits existing in your dog’s DNA
  • Alerts previously regarding the predisposition to diseases
  • Shows up the breed composition from your dog’s DNA through a percentage series.
  • Also determines if your dog has any genetic health concerns or not
  • It’s very easy to use with a painless cheek swab.
  • DNA can easily be collected at home using this breed determining kit
  • Provides the most accurate results within a very short time, 2 weeks or less.


  • This DNA kit doesn’t report on the ancestry background or family tree. And it doesn’t also help to discover the close relatives.
Orivet Dog Breed Determining DNA Test Kit Expressing Heritable Health Risks

Having semblance with the other products on our list, the Orivet dog breed determining DNA test kit is also quite efficient in determining your dog’s breed over a vast concern of 350+ breeds. It also provides the pet parent with insights into behavior and individual personality traits. Like the Embark, this DNA test kit also stables the DNA breed test of your dog by expressing it in the form of percentage composition. Moreover, the Orivet DNA testing kit is able to detect his approximate age, weight, geographical location, and gender of him.


  • Determines the actual breed of your dog with utmost accuracy amongst 350+ breeds and varieties of canines.
  • The report depicts the mix of the breed formation identified from his DNA
  • This DNA testing kit is especially used on dogs by the professionals
  • Informs insights into his personality and behavior detected from genes
  • Genetic health secrets and hereditary diseases are also detected with the help of it
  • This DNA testing report also views up the approximate adult weight of the possible breed that your dog might belong to.
  • It’s very easy to extract the DNA from swabbing the cheek using this kit which takes less than a minute
  • Also solely determines the age, gender, weight, and geographic location of your furry buddy
  • After activating, the results are put forward to the owners within only 2 to 3 weeks
  • Health-related alerts are also a part of this kit, like vaccination overdue.
  • Also, alarms regarding the possible hereditary health conditions


  • Doesn’t facilitate by showing up the family tree or close relatives
Terminal Lining

The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test for your dog depends on the kit that you’ll be choosing. The best choice regarding the DNA kit is said to be Embark. But still, it depends on you and your pooch as the one profitable to both of you needs to be purchased. However, when you’re looking for The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test, you need to be assured that it wraps all of the advanced qualities that we usually desire. Some of those qualities include- providing heath risk insights, family tree expression, relative discovery, ancestry background depicting, and more.