What Size Dog Playpen Do I Need?

What Size Dog Playpen Do I Need

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Though a dog playpen can’t be a permanent feature in your house, it still acts as the best alternative to a dog crate while you are out for work. However, the size of your fur baby’s playpen is also a big factor of consideration. Because a very small playpen for your pooch won’t be favorable for him. In case you are leaving your pup alone at home for a long time while you are at work, you might require a strong, sturdy and more enlarged playpen where your furry buddy can easily roll, jump, play and nap.

Is A Playpen Necessary For My Puppy?

A dog playpen is undoubtedly a useful part of your pup’s training. In conventional scenes, it is found that the pup owners are suddenly stuck at some work for long hours. For longer hours, your dog shouldn’t be allowed to stay congested inside the crate. But a dog playpen might be the perfect solution in this case. Dogs find themselves safe and conserved inside their playpen. In this destined place, he can also recreate and enjoy by himself in your scarcity too. Nevertheless, a pup playpen also helps your pooch to resist separation anxiety while you are out for work. But unlike a canine-conserved crate, playpens serve your puppy with more space to feel comfortable as well as secure.

Can A Pooch Playpen Be Used Instead Of A Canine Crate?

Dog training crates and playpens are fully different elements. You can never use a dog playpen instead of a crate. Dog playpens are used to ensure that your dog is playing happily inside the playpen in your absence. You should place your dog inside his playpen only when you are assured that it will take you really long to return. Puppies suffer from separation anxiety and boredom if they are kept inside their crate for more than 4 to 5 hours. And in such circumstances, a dog playpen is used. Playpen provides your dog with access to extended space so that he and play and enjoy himself. At the same time, a dog crate┬áis a crucial sector of his house and crate training. The dog crate supplies him with a sense of being at home, uncontroversial and shielded. He must learn to adapt to the specific space inside the crate. Crate training will help you carry him while training him, taking him to vet sessions, to the groomer and more. But if you replace his crate with a playpen, he will feel comfortable in an extended space; he will not be able to adjust to the space inside a crate. That’s why it is highly advised not to use playpens as an alternative to crate.

What Size Dog Playpen Do I Need?

The constant area of 24″ Width and 8″ Length is perfect for dogs of all sizes and weights. But the height of the playpen differs by counting on the dimensions of the crate and the breed of your pooch. The playpen should be large enough so that your furry kid can easily roam, play and nap inside. But the height selection of the puppy playpen must be made consciously. Because if you purchase a playpen with a short height for your fur baby, there remains a chance that he will climb out of the dog playpen without your conscience. So, here is a playpen height comparison as per the dog’s weight.

  • Fur babies weighing approximately 11lbs to 25lbs require a playpen of 24″ in height at least.
  • If your canine buddy weighs in between 26lbs to 40lbs, he requires a pup playpen of the height of 30″ at least.
  • Canine buddies weighing between approximately 41lbs to 70lbs, a 36″ height dog playpen would be the perfect go for him.
  • A dog weighing in between 71lbs to 90lbs would require a playpen with an approximate height of 42.”
  • And finally, adult fur babies weighing 90 pounds to 110 pounds require the largest height size of playpens, 48″.
How to Anchor Playpen Dog?

Many anchors or stakes are available out there which are specifically developed for outdoor purposes. Those anchors or stakes are also much useful for anchoring the dog playpen to keep I secure in a specific place so that the pen doesn’t move or displace its position. In some houses, there are some specifications, like you can place the playpen between two walls so that the pen doesn’t move much. Again, some dog playpens have built-in door-locking systems; and those playpens don’t require any anchor. Here are some segments that help of anchoring a dog playpen.

  • Any heavy furniture at home
  • Concrete bricks
  • Weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Heavy sandbags

After placing the makeshift anchors around the playpen, you need to connect the playpen with the anchor using any clip, rope or rubber. And thus, the playpen will reduce its movement.

What to Put Under Puppy Playpen?

There are many beneficial elements that you can put under your dog’s playpen. For example, you can place some rugs with skip pads inside the puppy playpen so that it becomes easier for your pup to walk, play and jump. Placing a Yoga mat beneath the dog playpens is another benefit as well as a reasonable option. And if you want it to be a bit more expensive, you can also use garage flooring beneath the dog playpen. It will assure a smooth and comfy spacing for your furry kid also. These are all effortless to clean, wash and dry. But the best option is to use puppy potty pads beneath the puppy playpen. The potty pads do not require cleaning or washing. In case of accidents in your absence, it’s easier for you to throw away that potty pad. So, it becomes much easier and beneficial to use puppy potty pads.

Wrapping It Up

In the case of determining the size of the puppy playpen for your furry kid, the height of the playpen plays the most significant role. You don’t want your furry buddy to climb out of the short crate in your absence. If he somehow comes out of the crate, separation anxiety will make him terrible enough to scratch the walls, chew pillows and couches, and more. That’s why a perfect-height of dog playpen is the foremost need of your canine buddy. The above-mentioned list will hopefully help in this regard.