What To Add To Dry Dog Food For Picky Eaters?

What To Add To Dry Dog Food For Picky Eaters

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In maximum cases at the dining table, you often have seen some picky children taking the vegetables out from the plate. These qualities also exist in some dogs. A category among the dog immediately finishes eating whatever is given to them in their bowl, some again even like the most rancid food. But, some picky eaters among them aren’t an exception. In such a case, you can make their nutrition or food appealing and adding some ingredients to their dry food or by using some supplements to assure the necessary nutrients.

The picky stubborn pups usually try to avoid the necessary ingredients of food which are very essential for their healthy and sound life. So, you need to know which ingredients in your dog’s diet are the most necessary and can’t be avoided. A shortlist of them is as follows:

  • Carbohydrate included foods like cereals, grains, rice bran, etc are necessary for the regular diet of dogs
  • Adequate amount of vegetables and fibers are also unignorable in his diet schedule
  • Proteins of sufficient amount is another important consideration for both humans and dogs. Daily intake of fish and boney meats can keep his diet perfect
  • Though fats and oils aren’t necessary to be taken in extra amounts, they can be used in the recommended quantity to make the food more interesting and appetizing
  • Intake of water up to the fullest level is important because it will keep your fur baby hydrated and at the same time will help in the proper digestion of food.

What To Add To Dry Dog Food For Picky Eaters?

Trying to make your dog’s food more appealing and interesting doesn’t mean adding all the ray dog foods at a stretch. One important thing must need to be kept in mind, i.e. dogs like to eat that food which is more appealing to their nose. Their taste is almost in their smell. What smells them tasty is more appetizing for them. Here are a few additives you can add to make the dry food more interesting to them:

  • First of all, you should always keep his food fresh because some pickers among them don’t like rotten or rancid stuff. Storing the kibble in an air-tight box contributes to keeping the freshness of the food intake.
  • Sometimes adding hot water to dry food can also make the dry food more acceptable to them. The dry food being soaked in hot water gives it a soak-like structure and more flavorful appearance which really won’t make the dog deny. Moreover, adding this hot water to dry kibble helps in improved digestion as well.
  • Dogs never deny eating bones or meat of beef or chicken. Adding a minute amount of bone broth or chicken broth makes the dry food appetizing and it also smells good according to them.
  • If you again add a bit of yogurt with the broth or with the hot water mixed dry food, it will add some awesome to food which cannot be denied by the pickiest ones as well.
  • For the most stubborn ones, you can add a somewhat little amount of canned wet food to the dry kibble. It will make the dry food more exciting and appetizing to them but you need to be conscious not to add a spoon full or more canned food. Because the extra amount of canned for can impair the reason of your adding it to dry food.
  • Fish Oil is another mentionable thing that can stimulate your dog’s appetite. You just need to add a few drops of it secretly in his dry food. Thus, he’ll smell the dry food as a tasty stuff

What Other Appetite Boosters Can I Use To Make The Kibble Interesting To My Fur Baby?

There are some boosters also available which you can use to make your dog’s food more interesting. Some of these items might be expensive. But they have great impacts on changing your picker’s attitude towards dry food.

  • Raw Eggs are enlisted as one of the well-known ingredients to boost up your dog’s appetite. Raw eggs act as a quick booster to quickly develop a positive concept of kibble. But giving eggs raw to them is better than cooking it.
  • Goat’s milk is more acceptable to a dog’s stomach than cow’s milk. It contains probiotics that play an unignorable role in boosting up your dog’s food appetite and appearance to kibble. And it’s also a good solution to pets stomach.
  • Apple cider vinegar and coconut oils are also quite effective in adding a little variety of flavors in food habits if in taken. But the apple cider vinegar should be taken in a prescribed amount because this element has a role in adjusting the pH balance of a dog’s stomach.
  • Fermented Vegetables like Yeast and Bacteria play a very significant role in developing a strong immune system in dogs. This food booster will not only add variety to the food diet but also will develop a strong resistance against disease.
  • Sardines are actually a good source of amino acids and taurine. They are helpful in accumulating all toxins in the body. And moreover, they are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids as well.
  • Pumpkin Puree is another dimensional stomach appetizer for dogs. They help in bringing taste variety, keeping the dog healthy, and also healing an upset stomach.

Some Supplements Majorly Effective In Making The Kibble More Interesting

Some commercial supplements are also available out there which you can add to your dog food to make it appealing and attractive. Some of the mentionable ones are enlisted below. But you may have a suggestion from your Vet regarding this as well.

  • Essential CBD Oils
  • Joint supplements
  • TOMLYN High-Calorie Nutri-Cal 
  • Vetoquinol Nutri cal
  • Addored breast (Phyto synergid)
Wrapping It Up

Being picky doesn’t mean being arrogant. Dog’s are sometimes act picky and in such cases, it’s better that you change their diet taste a little. You can add the food boosters mentioned above to make the dry food more acceptable and interesting to them. But you may also go for the artificial supplements at the last stage in a prescribed amount only. If your dog sometimes acts picky, don’t be rude to him, rather try to solve it by changing the regular taste.