What To Feed Newborn Puppies Without Mother?

What to feed newborn puppies without mother

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Newborn orphan puppies require more care comparatively. Proper nutritional supply is mandatory for newborn puppies without mothers. Moreover, in order to be assured that your puppy is getting an adequate nutritional supply, you need to measure his weight after certain times. When the pup is orphan, or the mother isn’t lactating, alternative commercial milk replacement is necessary for the puppy’s survival.

Why Do Newborn Puppies Without Mother Need Alternative Milk Supplements?

For the average growth and development of the immune system, a proper nutritional supply is necessary for your furry kid. The presence of colostrum in the mother’s milk contains a high protein level, and it helps develop the immune system and resistance against diseases. Professionals recommend commercial puppy milk replacers for the deprived puppies’ appropriate growth, weight, and development. These commercial replacers are considered to be superior to homemade DIYs and cow’s milk.

What is The Proper Development of Newborn Puppies without a Mother?

If the mother cannot feed the puppy on milk, then it is necessary to adjust that absence with the commercial puppy milk replacers. The transitional change of your newborn puppy needs to be monitored. You need to be observant that your pup’s weight should increase by 5% to 10% each day. That also states that your puppy’s weight needs to be doubled within 8 to 10 days from birth. And it needs to be tripled within the second week of birth.

How repeatedly is it mandatory To Measure a Newborn Puppy’s Weight?

The weight change of a newborn baby indicates the rate of development. That’s why; you frequently need to monitor his weight. You need to monitor the newborn puppy just at the time of birth, after 24 hours, after 48 hours, after 72 hours, after 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days, respectively. If you observe a gradual rise in his body weight, then you successfully maintain his health. To maintain weight improvement, you can take the help of a newborn puppy scale.

What to Feed Newborn Puppies without Mother?

Due to various obvious reasons, puppies are sometimes deprived of mother’s milk because of being orphans or because of being rejected. That is why commercial puppy alternative supplements are available in the markets for the proper development and boosting of the immune system. They contain an equivalent nutritional supply, just like the mother’s milk.

How Considerable Milliliter of Milk can A Newbie Puppy Drink?

On average, the professional recommendation for feeding milk to a newborn baby is 18ml per kg of the puppy’s body weight. But still, there are some other levels of recommendations, which include as follows:

  • 13ml per 100g of weight each day during the first week
  • 16ml per 100g of weight each day during the second week
  • 20ml per 100g of weight each day during the third week
  • 22ml per 100g of weight each day during the fourth week
How Often Do Newborn Puppies without Mothers Need Milk?

In the case of very newborn puppies, they can persist for 2 hours at best without food. Sometimes, they might also last up to 3 hours. But the puppies should not starve for at most 3 or 4 hours. However, comparatively older dogs can be kept unfed for up to 5 hours maximum. But, it is always better to stay within the time limit of 3 to 4 hours in the case of feeding your puppy.

What Happens If I Overfeed my Newbie Puppy?

Overfeeding is harmful not only to humans but also to dogs. Uneasiness shoots up if you over-feed your fur baby. Overfeeding might result in adverse effects, like:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Regurgitation and
  • Aspiration
When to Stop Giving Puppy Milk Replacer?

At the age of 3 to 4 weeks, you can stop giving puppy milk replacement. It is their transitional period of time when they start their transition from milk to solid puppy food. You need to have patience and wait for the proper time when your fur baby is able to cope with normal solid food. During this transitional period, you need to use high-quality puppy food to make the task easier for your furry buddy without a mother.


Orphan newborn babies are often deprived of the mother’s nutritional milk. For them, high-quality puppy milk replacers are used. But this milk replacer needs to be stopped at a certain age for your puppy when it is time to start the intake of regular solid food. The mentioned age is around 3-4 weeks, also known as the transitional period when the puppy learns to eat solid food replacing the mother’s milk or puppy milk replacer.