What To Put In A Puppy Crate At Night?

What To Put In A Puppy Crate At Night

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A puppy crate is a whole new experience for your newly brought furry buddy. So, it’s necessary to add a few items to your puppy’s crate at night to make it peaceful and comfortable. Some of the critical things include- toys, treats, water bottles, and more. However, it’s also necessary to keep your furry kid properly potty trained so that he can adapt to the change.

What Things Should Not Be Put In My Dog Crate?

You need to be aware of keeping some dangerous things away from the puppy crate. These things might cause damage to your furry buddy unintentionally. Some of them include:

  • Don’t keep any pointy or sharp-ended toys or tools inside the puppy crate. It might incautiously choke them and thus cause various problems later.
  • Don’t allow high and bright light entrance inside the puppy crate. This lighting will allow your dog to feel distressed, and anxious and will cause disturb his sleep.
  • Also, don’t keep sharp grooming tools inside the puppy crate out of a mistake. It might choke them and cause major issues due to incautiousness.

What To Put In A Pup Crate During The Night Hours?

Sometimes, a few items can be added to your puppy’s crate at night to make him feel a bit happier and jolly. Dangerous and pointy stuff should be avoided inside the crate. Some things that can be added to his crate include:

  • Safe And Chewable Toys: Your puppy is still a baby, so he always hanks for entertainment. The presence of some stuffed toys, chewable and indestructible toys, will keep him happy, tired, and entertained all through the night.
  • Treats and Tasty Chews: Some tasty treats and chews can also be kept inside the crate. The long-lasting chews will keep him busy in your absence, and the treats will keep him appreciated for his silent and decent behavior.
  • A Night Light Or Dim Light: A normal bright light might make your furry kid feel anxious, scared, and disturbed simultaneously. That’s why you can keep a dim night light near his crate to make him feel relaxed and less anxious comparatively.
  • Puppy Training Potty Pads: Your furry puppy may be a newbie at your home, and he hasn’t been potty trained yet. In that case, you can add some potty pads to your dog’s crate to absorb all the leaks and accidents.
  • Special Comforting Toys: A special type of puppy toy, named the Snuggle Heart toy, comes with machines generating artificial heartbeats. This toy gives relief and peace to your furry kid.
  • Water Bowl: It’s possible that your dog might feel dehydrated at night while you are sleeping. That’s why the presence of an elevated water bowl in your puppy’s crate is necessary to protect him from dehydration or any further inconvenience.
  • Any Toy or Cloth with Your Scent: Your puppy can easily recognize you in a large crowd with the memory of your scent. Keeping some of your stuff inside will train them to know more about you closely.
Can I Put A Regular Blanket Inside My Pup Crate?

It’s better not to keep blankets inside your puppy’s crate because he might chew them up. Chewing the blanket will not only make the crate seem messy, but it also might result in swallowing the blanket’s cotton. These swallowed parts might cause upset stomach, digestive tract irritation, or other unpredictable hazards.

Should You Cover A Puppy Crate At Night?

Covering up your puppy’s crate might have both positive and negative impacts. For example, covering his crate will make him feel secure and conserved inside the crate. Thus, he will remain protected from the highly disturbing brightness of light and will not feel anxious. But, too much darkness might also cause him to feel scared and isolated from their owner and other family members.

How Long Can Dog Stay In Crate Overnight?

It’s not a good thing to keep your dog conserved inside the crate for extended hours. It might make them feel bored and anxious. In the case of puppies, they can be allowed to stay inside the crate maximum of 6 to 7 hours at best. If this time limit exists, there remain possibilities of accidents and anxiety. On the other hand, adult dogs can stay a maximum of 9 hours inside the crate during the day. And they can stay inside the crate for 8 hours maximum at night. But if your dog remains super active and playful during the daytime, it is possible that he is tired. In such cases, your fur baby can be allowed to sleep in peace inside the dog crate for more hours, likely about 12 hours or more.

Where to Put Puppy Crate at Night?

Adult dogs can be kept in a separate room in their crate. But in the case of puppies, it’s better to keep your dog around you, attached to your bed. He can be either kept in the adjacent hallway or in your bedroom. As puppies can control their bower pressure for more than 8 hours, that is why they should be kept near you so that you remain alarmed whenever he is whining for toilet or food. But if you find it risky, you can also use a dog-training potty pad to absorb his excretions the entire night.

What to Do If My Puppy Cries In Their Crate at Night?

There might not be a few causes for your puppy whining during the late hours at night. For example, he might need to go to the toilet, or he might be hungry. But if your fur baby is a new member of the house, he might not be crate trained properly yet. He might be found whining just to come out of it in such cases. Firstly, you need to wait until the first 10 minutes of whining. If he doesn’t stop crying by them, you need to understand that something might be wrong; he might need to go to the washroom or need an extra meal. But don’t let your dog come out of the crate for no reason just because he is crying. This will make him consider crying as a beneficial idea to come out of the crate.

Wrapping It Up

You can keep numerous things inside your dog’s crate, like a water bowl, chewable toys, treats, and more. But cautiousness is a must. Any kind of choking or poisonous thing inside his crate might increase injury risks. That’s why you should always remain cautious before adding anything to his crate. And whenever you hear your pup crying for more than 10 minutes, you must check it. The reason might be any minor injury, hunger, or bowel pressure. But initially, it is better to keep your fur baby closer and near to you so that you can supervise him properly.