What to Put under Dog Crate to Protect Hardwood Floors?

What to Put under Dog Crate to Protect Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors at home are always fascinating. But, the hardwood floor just under the dog crate is unfortunately found with scratched marks and pee. That is why owners often wander to discover stuff to place under a dog crate to protect hardwood floors. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that can be kept under a dog crate to protect your beautiful hardwood floors. You can find those products in cheap, reasonable or high-ended amounts. However, the main objective is to apply some tricks to keep the hardwood floor intact by all means.

Is It Necessary To Protect Hardwood Floors?

Protecting hardwood floors is a part of beautification. A scratched hardwood floor makes the floor look unorganized. It might hamper the overall beauty of the floors. This rough hardwood floor might cause obstacles in walking for both you and your furry kid. Sometimes, your dog might also have accidental pee on the hardwood floor. Thus, you will find your beautiful floor to turn stinky and damp. That is why; you need to adopt tricks to cover the hardwood floor from all possible damages.

Can Dog Crate Pans Protect Hardwood Floor?

Dog crate pans are specialized trays which protect your enchanting hardwood floor from the damages usually caused by dogs. Usually, these trays are made of polypropylene flexible material or sometimes with a plastic mix. The tray serves as the best barrier to protect your hardwood floors from scratches and other damage that dogs can cause. This tray’s main constituent is sturdy materials that are indestructible and fully chew-proof. These dog crate pans secure your floor from dog paw scratches, pee and potty accidents.

What To Put Beneath My Dog Crate For Protecting Hardwood Floors?

The most popular opinion is to use dog crate pans made of sturdy material to protect the hardwood floor from any damage. Many other solutions to this problem are available which are equally significant and save your floor from further damage. Some of those substances include:

  • A rolled rubber mat can also help to prevent causing scratches on your beautiful hardwood floor. But natural rubber mats are the safest and most delicate. On the other hand, artificial rubber mats contain adhesive, which can cause damage to your floor. These rubber mats can absorb dropped weights and can also prevent dents.
  • Water-resistant vinyl dog mats can also help resist scratch spots along with potty and pee accidents. These mats are specialized with smooth undersides so that the mat doesn’t displace from its original place.
  • Keeping a pee pad in your dog’s crate also helps in absorbing pee leaks and protecting the floor from scratches and friction. But it is not supported and recommended by the experts. That’s because it might be risky if he chews it. Again, he might also get the wrong training this way, thinking peeing in the crate is acceptable.
  • Also, runners can be kept under the dog crate above the hardwood floor to protect it from damage.

Can Vinyl Flooring Tiles Protect Hardwood Floors?

Vinyl flooring tiles are much more versatile and delicate on your hardwood floor. So, the use of these mats does not cause any damage to the floor; rather, it protects it from receiving any further friction. They don’t cause damage to the hardwood floor beneath. And at the same time, these vinyl flooring mats prevent your dog from slipping. Its non-slip back surface and delicacy to the floor make it highly accessible to protect the floors.

How to Prevent Dog Crate from Slipping and Moving?

When the main objective is to keep the hardwood floor intact and safe from scratches, the use of vinyl flooring tiles is the best. But sometimes, a little displacement of the crate can also cause scratches to the floor. And to prevent that, heavy-duty dog crates with lock wheels are used. These wheels in it not only make the movement easier but also lock the crate in a specific place to avoid possible scratches.


Things to put under dog-crate to protect hardwood floors include a lot, like vinyl flooring tiles, dog non-skid mats, or rolled rubber mats. Also, you should be cautious so that the mats don’t contain adhesive, which might destroy your floor. All you need is something durable and non-skid to protect your floors from dog paws, scratches, pee and other accidents. Again heavy-duty dog crates with lock wheels are also used to resist friction.