Where To Buy Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs?

Where To Buy Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs

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Dog often like eating meaty bones. But the raw version of those meaty bones is better than that of the cooked ones. Because raw meats play a great role in keeping his teeth healthy and clean. Dogs like eating bones, especially meaty bones. Because this chewing can keep him excited and free from the clutches of boredom. The Meaty Bones For Dogs are a good option for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. As meaty bones contain calcium, they help in preventing plaque and tartar formation. Another pro point of feeding your dog raw meaty bones is that you don’t require to clean his teeth by yourself or by any professional.

Why Should I Buy Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs?

Most of the cooked or boiled meat is okay for your dog’s digestion. But it’s better that you always avoid the cooked bones. Because, if you feed him cooked meats with bones, there might remain risks of your dog being choked in his mouth. Furthermore, cooking removes all necessary nutrients of the bones that are beneficial for your fur baby. So you should never ever think of feeding chocked bones or cooked lamb bones to your fur baby.

Where To Buy Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs?

Raw meaty bones for dogs contain about 70 to 80 percent of muscle meat, 10 percent of raw meaty bones, and the rest 10 percent consists of organ secretions. You need to clarify which meaty bone is better for your dog. But according to the most popular opinion, the bigger-sized meaty bones are actually better for your pooch. And for getting the best bones for your dog, you need the meaty bones to be purchased from a trusted source or shop.

Some trusted stalls or shops where you can buy meaty bones for your dog in the USA are:

  1. Raw feeding Miami
  2. Hare Today
  3. Raw Fed K9
  4. Raw Delivery MN
  5. Raw K9
  6. Rodent Pro
  7. Raw Dog Food and Co
  8. Rawmazing blend
  9. Raw Pet Food 4 sale
  10. Pure life Raw
  11. Simply Rawsome
  12. Raw Paws
  13. BJ’s Raw Pet Food
  14. Viva Raw
  15. Soul’y Raw
  16. Pet Cater
  17. Top Quality Dog food
  18. Wild idea Buffalo
  19. My Pet Carnivore
  20. Bison Central

Among all these stores, the most popular one is the Raw feeding Miami shop. As they have a good selection of protein for dogs. Supplies of Miami include:

Turkey: Whole or ground turkey necks
Duck: Heads, necks, feet, wings, frames, and chunked
Goose: Heads, necks, wings, and chunked
Chicken: Necks, rib cages, leg quarters, or feet
Pork: Only tails
Rabbit: Heads, ground bones, whole bones, and chunked serve
Quails: Stuffed or whole
Pheasant: Chunked serve

Another popular raw meat shop is the My pet Carnivore. Their meat delivery supplies include:

Turkey: Fine ground, course entire turkey or necks
Duck: Fully Fine ground and coursed, necks and feet
Goat: Course and fine ground whole, tails, and in chunk serve
Chicken: Fine ground, course, necks, and feet
Pork: Wholly course and fine ground, and in chunks
Rabbit: Wholly fine ground and course and rabbit’s feet
Mutton: Whole mutton being course ground, and in chunks
Lambs: Breast ribs, Ground supreme lamb
Muskrat: Wholly grounded

And another revolutionary ideal shop for purchasing meaty bones for your dog is the Raw Paws Pet Food. Raw meaty bone supplies that they provide are:

Turkey: Tails and necks
Chicken: Leg quarters, Necks, backs, wings, and feet
Duck: Frames or necks

What Type of Meaty Bones Can I Feed My Dog?

In the case of selecting the raw meat which you want to feed your dog, the size of it actually matters. If the meaty bone is for feeding your dog, then it’s always better to choose a better size of it always. Because, if it’s small in size, then there remains the risk of that bone being swallowed by your fur baby without even chewing. Or, it might also get stuck in their lower jaw. Some suitable types of meaty bones that you can feed your dog are:

  • Beef
  • Bison rib bones
  • Raw lamb
  • Turkey, beef, and duck necks
  • Poultry legs
  • Feets
  • Heads
  • Wings
  • Frames
  • Chunks of rabbit or head
  • Raw roasted lamb meaty bones
  • Beef marrow bones
  • Sardines

For small dogs and cats, an ideal intake is the marrow bones of beef. But that of course should be one piece at a time. You can also allow them to eat a 1lb bag of sardines.

Medium and large-sized dogs can be served with beef neck bones of 1lb, one piece of beef marrow bones, or a 1lb bag of sardines. But only one of these can act as a single-serve.

What Meaty Bones Should I Feed My Puppy?

Hard meaty bones aren’t much recommended for puppies. Because as they are babies, the hard bones can cause intensive damage to their teeth. But raw meaty bones can be introduced to fur babies agin around 12 weeks or more. They need to be provided with a softer bone. But, it needs to be larger enough so that he can’t swallow it as a whole and it should be larger than your puppy’s mouth.

What Bone Should I First Start With For My Dog?

For starting, providing your dog with a large-sized bone is always better. One of the most popular recommendations says that starting with a large-sized neck bone is a good idea. Further recommendations include feeding your fur baby necks of turkey, beef, or ducks. Raw meaty bones can be fed to your dog either for recreation or meal replacement.

Recreating Meaty Bones Vs Meal Replacement Bones

The meal replacement bones should be given as an alternative to meals. And they can be consumed fully by your dog. They need to crumble and non-weight bearing like the dog chews.

On the other hand, recreational bones should be hardened bones or weight-bearing ones. Like beef tendons, marrow bones, or knuckles. They aren’t usually fully consumed by dogs. They are a kind of complicated chews. And they keep your canine busy for a longer span of time.

Some Tips For Feeding Raw Meaty Bones To Your Dog
  • You always need to supervise your dog when provided with raw bones or a mix.
  • Cooked bones should be avoided for your dog’s consumption. Because they get fragile and get easily broken in comparison to the raw ones. And they might affect his digestive tract, mouth, or throat.
  • If your dog isn’t comfortable with the raw bones or if you are scared of its risks, then you can absolutely go with a bone broth.
  • Make sure that your dog doesn’t grasp the raw meaty bones very quickly.
  • Abstain your dog from eating raw meat or bones in the carpet or furniture or dragging it all through the home. Instead, you can allow him to eat the raw meat outside or on a cleanable surface.
  • You can keep the bones in the fridge which have still marrow or meat left in it if you are intended to serve it again.
Caution and Conclusion:

We have already discussed the places Where To Buy Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs. For protecting your dog from mouth or throat injuries, you should always avoid cooked meaty bones. Raw meaty bones cause clumsy stool in dogs, sometimes light and even white. If bone marrows are given them initially, then they might also face an upset tummy but mostly for the first time. That is why the intake of raw meaty bones for your dog needs to be controlled. It’s better to serve your dog with raw meaty bones not more than 2 or 3 times per week.