Why Does My Dog Lick My Tears

Why Does My Dog Lick My Tears

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Dogs are known as emotional and caring animals. They love, care and support their owners the most. Crying is the best way for humans to express their sadness, pain and grief. Being emotionally touched, dogs lick their owner’s tears as a form of sympathy and love. Dogs can sense the pains and sorrows of humans really fast. That’s why your dog licks your tears to console you during sad times. Their licking is a form of showing an emotional response to your sadness and depression. Again, dogs are attracted to salty things. Human tears are also somewhat salty, which attracts dogs to lick.

Is It Considered Cruel To Cry Before Your Furry Kid?

No, rather, it is highly appreciated. Dogs are emotional creatures, and they can sense human sadness, grief, pain and unhappiness very easily. They appreciate being aside from you when you are unhappy or sad for any reason. This presence at the time of your sadness proves the emotional attachment of your dog to you. There is no fear of bully or any criticism while crying in front of your dog. Instead, they try their best to console you or to relieve some of your pain by licking your tears, cuddling you, or just simply standing in front of you as emotional support. Your fur baby will be the best non-judgmental friend at your sad times.

Why Does My Fur Baby Approach Towards Me When I Am Crying?

It’s normal to find your dog standing in front of you or coming closer to you when they find you crying alone in pain. It’s a common activity that dogs do. Dogs are the best example of empathetic animals. They have a special emotional and vibrant bond with you. Because of the inseparable bond, they can sense whenever you are sad or unhappy. Or this habit might also be because of any previous experience. Maybe he got some love and affection from you by coming closer the last time you cried. However, the emotional bond and deep friendship is the main driving force for which he comes to you when you cry.

Why My Pup Licks Me When I Am Crying?

Dogs lick their owners during crying as a form of showing affection, love and emotional support. Dogs can sense human pain, suffering and depression easily. If they see you crying, they might approach you and lick you as a form of consolation and emotional support. They love their owners, who help them in their well and woe. He might easily sense that you are feeling poor and unhappy while crying. And that’s why as a return support, he licks you so that you can come out of this bad time faster and easier. Dogs love licking their favourite person. And if they are licking you while you are crying, they definitely want to provide you with some comfort or provide some reassurance or soothe you in your bad times.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Tears?

There might be diverse reasons why your dog is licking you while you are crying, like

  • Showing sympathy: Your dog can easily sense that you are going through hard times, and that’s the reason you are crying. As an animal best friend, he tries his best to console you by licking you as a form of sympathy so you can get some relief from this pain. By clicking, they want to show you emotional support and love.
  • For attention-seeking: Maybe the last time you cuddled your dog was when he came before you while you were crying. Your dog learnt from that previous incident that if he comes and licks your tears, he might get a positive response of love and affection from you. And that’s why he probably licks your tears to seek your attention.
  • Because he wants to build a strong emotional friendship: Your dog always observes you struggling for him whenever he faces any struggle. You were always there to help him come out of his problem. As he sees you crying, he thinks that this is the time he should do something to show you love as well. By licking your tears, he wants to give you empathy and want to show you emotional support to build a stronger friendship.
  • Because he loves the taste: Dogs are naturally fond of tasty things, like tears. They don’t express their pains by crying like the humans. Therefore, they have not enough knowledge on how tears taste. However, they like the salty taste of tears, and thus they appreciate licking the salty tears on your face.

How Do Fur Babies Relax Their Owners While Crying?

There are lots of ways by which dogs console you while you are crying. They include:

  • They comfort you just by being physically present. They know that you love them, and you are happy when you see your furry best friend standing in front of you to give some emotional support.
  • Dogs also like to comfort their owners by staying or sitting closer to you. They sit beside you as a best friend and the best shoulder at your best time. They do this to soothe you and come out of your loss and grieving times.
  • Gentle touches are another form by which dogs comfort you while you are crying. They understand that you are crying because you are suffering from some hard times. That’s why they use gentle touches, like putting their paws on your hand or shoulder, as a form of showing emotional support.
  • Licking is also the most common way through which dogs give empathy and emotional support to their owners. By licking your tears, they soothe you and make you understand that they are with you even if the situation is the worst.
  • Dogs also use the distracting idea to stop you from crying. They might just offer you a toy, hoping that you’ll be happy after seeing the toy and will be their playing partner. While playing with them, they want to distract you from mundane problems and want to offer you a happy and cheerful playtime.

Wrapping It Up

The fact that your dog licks your tears when you are crying is really appreciated. He considers you his best friend, so he wants to show you some empathy, emotional support and affection. Another reason is he likes the salty taste of your tears. He thinks that, by licking the tears, he will get a salty taste, and you will also be free from the tears of your sorrows and pains. However, this form of showing love and affection by dogs is really appreciable and adorable. You must treat your dog well with affection and rewards if he becomes the only best friend and the only consoling shoulder in your worst situations.