I Let My Puppy Sleep In Bed With Me

I Let My Puppy Sleep In Bed With Me

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Well, you can keep letting your pup sleep with you if you don’t have any allergy issues or if your dog is properly potty and pee trained. Sleeping with a puppy has both of its pros and cons. But many experienced owners don’t like sleeping with their pup because it can make them indisciplined and might make you sleepless as well. If you keep your puppy with you in the same bed, there are more chances of you having nighttime struggles. But there’s nothing to worry about. Because instead, you can crate train your dog to sleep beside you. But if you are confirmed that you want to take your puppy to sleep with you in the same bed, you need to get your pooch well prepared for that.

Should I Let My Puppy Sleep In Bed With Me?

Yes, you can allow or let your puppy sleep with you. But you need to consider if he’s crate trained or not. Because, if he’s not potty trained yet, you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble in the middle of the night. Dog owners eventually like to let their puppies sleep on their own or in their baby’s bed. But the best option is to make them crate trained just beside your bed.

What Are The Benefits of Letting My Puppy Sleep In Bed With Me?

Co-Sleeping with your four-legged companion is comfortable for both of you. Some benefits you facilitate while having a sleep with your fur baby are:

  • It reduces anxiety in both dogs and humans.
  • Makes both of you feel safe and secure.
  • It strengthens the companionship of you and your pup.
  • Dogs acts as good companions of bed warming.
  •  Your dog will be there to inform you if he observes anything unusual happening.
  • Your dog will get a large space to sleep.

What Are The Bad Impacts of Letting My Puppy Sleep In Bed With Me?

As mentioned earlier, everything on this planet has its pros and cons. Letting your dog sleep with you at night has a good impact on both of you. But this activity of co-sleeping with your pooch has some diverse impacts also, like:

  • This habit makes him more comfortable in the bed than the crate.
  • Dogs are genuinely wake up 3 times during their night sleep, which would surely hamper your sleep.
  • There’s a risk of humans being prey to allergies.
  • The quality of sleep of both of you is impaired.
  • Transmission of diseases from dogs and humans may take place, but its very rare.
  • When your dog will feel the absence of you, separation anxiety will become common for him.
  • You’ll find difficulties in crate training him.
  • He or she won’t be able to be an independent adult dog.

If I Have Allergies, Is It Okay To Let My Puppy Sleep In Bed With Me?

Actually no, when you have an allergy to sand, dust, or debris, it’s better that you avoid bringing your dog in your bed. People don’t really have an allergy to dogs, but the dog carries a million germs that may stimulate an allergy for you.

Dogs like to be more barefooted on their toes. So, you’ll find a lot of dirt and germs there and if he walks over your pillows, you’ll be more prone to catch an allergy. Thus, it’s your responsibility to keep his toes along with the pillows as clean as possible. Moreover, if you own a fur baby having separation anxiety, inviting him to your bed won’t work great.

If I Need Deep Sleep, Should I Share My Bed With My Pup?

Also no. Though dog owners expect that their pup won’t disturb them during sleep, what happens is actually the opposite of that. Consistent scratching, winning, etc. Will make you uncomfortable while you’re sleeping.

How To Train A Dog To Let Him Sleep In Bed With Me?

You first need to crate train your dog to make him familiar with his bed. This crate training will also contribute to his potty training. First, you need to keep the crate beside the bed for regular training. You need to make the activity of going to the bed very simple and not a big achievement. Your bed should be made completely yours whereas, the crate should be made to be completely his. When you’re sure enough that he’s potty trained, crate trained, and won’t feel separation anxiety, you can pull on the blanket and call on your furry buddy over there.

When To Know That My Dog Is Ready To Sleep In Bed With Me?

When you notice that your dog is fully trained enough as an independent adult dog, you can invite him to your bed.

  • If he doesn’t need to get up at midnight to go for potty. That is, he has achieved control of his excreta.
  • He’s already well trained in his crate and doesn’t cry at night for getting released from the locked crate, considering it as his habitant.
  • If he’s bigger enough in size so that he doesn’t get mashed under your hands or doesn’t fall out of your large bed.
  • Again you need to be assured if your dog is too heavy for your bed or not. Some large dog breeds may also weigh 50 pounds and for them, you need to be careful with your bed.
  • If your dog isn’t suffering from separation anxiety anymore.

Before calling your dog to your bed, you need to be ascertained if he’s ready for that or not. Like- he needs to be self-dependent, crate and potty trained, and also if he can fight against anxiety. It’s true that co-sleeping with dogs can reduce their anxiety. But it might be somewhat disturbing to your dog. Inviting your fur buddy to your bed for a few days is ok. But don’t call him on a regular basis, because, this will make him forget his crate as considered home. But there are other ways of training your dog to sleep beside your dog not in the same bed with you but in his separate one.