How To Soothe Dogs Ears After Plucking?

How To Soothe Dogs Ears After Plucking

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Traditionally, puppy owners used to think that plucking ear hair was a compulsory part of dog grooming. But the concept has changed now. The plucking of a dog’s ear hair has now come to a controversial stage. Cleaning your dog’s ears is indeed necessary. But that doesn’t include plucking of the ear hair on a regular basis. The necessity of plucking the ear hair depends on your dog. If you find your dog often dealing with wax build-ups, infections, or inflammation, plucking those hairs is necessary. But if he’s not going through the mentioned problem, then you need to neither pluck the hair nor do you need to Soothe Dogs Ears after Plucking. Just a slight trim over that spot is enough, then.

What Does Soothing of Dog Ear Mean?

Soothing means gently calming down or reducing any kind of discomfort. If your fur baby gets any irritation or discomfort in his ear, then tranquillizing that zone is known as soothing of dog ear. If your dog has infections in the ear, soothing his ear after grooming is essential. But if he has no complication over that zone, plucking the ear or soothing it can worsen the condition. So, soothing of ear always is not necessary.

Is Plucking My Dog’s Ear Hair Mandatory?

In short, the answer is no. the most recent incidences have expressed that plucking of ear hair and considering it as a part of dog grooming is not mandatory. Plucking the ear hair in healthy and normal hair is not necessary. Some dogs naturally have long ear hair, like the poodles or Schnauzers, which obstructs airflow in the inner part of the ear. In those cases, plucking ear hair is necessary. But, if your dog’s ear has fewer ear hairs which never obstruct air flow, then it’s not mandatory to pluck those. A slight trim using a suitable dog ear trimmer for them is ok.

How To Soothe Dogs Ears After Plucking?

There are a lot of ways you can soothe your dog’s ear after plucking. You can get it done associated with the help of home remedies, like vinegar. Or other artificial products, like dog ear cleansing solutions, can also be used. The soothing can also be done with chemicals, like Hydrogen Peroxide. Below here are some mentionable steps:

Step-1. Soothing Dog Ear with Home Remedies
  • First, the apple cider vinegar needs to be diluted to form a 50/50 water solution
  • The mixture needs to be completely set
  • Then a cotton ball needs to be soaked in the vinegar solution
  • And finally, you can use the cotton ball to gently rub across his ear
  • Sometimes, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is also used to dry up the ear canal
Step-2. Soothing Dog Ear With Ear Cleansing Solution
  • Grasp the ear flap or pinna of your dog’s hair to straighten the ear canal
  • Now you have a squeeze enough amount of the vet-approved dog ear cleaner to fill up the ear canal.
  • Then you need to gently massage the base of the ear near the ear opening for 30 seconds.
  • At this stage, you need to wipe away the debris and dirt from the ear with the help of gauze or cotton balls.

Does Plucking of Dog Ear Hurt?

If you pluck the ear hair of your dog gently, it won’t cause any harm. If you can gently pull out the hair from deep inside the canal carefully, it will hopefully cause no pain. But if it’s done in the wrong way, say, for example, if the hair is ripped off incautiously, it might cause pain and irritations to your dog. And you’ll find him trying to get rid of the person plucking the hair or trying to bite him.

Cautiousness While Plucking Dog Ear or Soothing It

Plucking your dog’s ear always is not mandatory. Rather in some cases, unnecessary plucking of it might cause irritations and sensitivity. That’s why; it’s your sole responsibility to check the ears on a regular basis. A moderate amount of ear hair is not a thing to worry about.

And in the case of plucking the hairs, you always need to prevent yourself from overplucking. Because overplucking can cause the easy entrance of dirt and debris into the inner ear parts. Some of the steps that can be followed in this regard are:

  • Checking your dog’s ear every day
  • If any odor is observed, look for its cause
  • Make sure there isn’t any discomfort, swelling or irritation
  • Checking is necessary if the ears are itchy or not
  • Make sure there isn’t any redness
  • If there are any types of discharges, like blood or pus, contact your vet immediately.