What Ingredient in Dog Food Causes Ear Infections?

What Ingredient in Dog Food Causes Ear Infections

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Dog ear infection refers to unusual irritation and itchiness in the dog ear tract. This inflammation or itchiness emerges due to yeast and bacterial overgrowth. Allergies are rarely found to be liable for this ear infection. Mainly sugar is the chief ingredient in dog food which acts as a feed for the natural yeast existing in your dog’s body. Thus, it contributes to causing yeast deposition in specific parts of the dog’s body, like the ears.

What Is Ear Infection In Dogs?

The overgrowth of bacteria and yeast, which yields itchiness and irritation in your dog’s ear, is known as an ear infection. Other familiar reasons behind this uncomfortable ear infection are- dog ear mites, excess deposition of ear wax, and other underlying problems. They are sometimes also caused due to some ingredients existing secretly in your dog food. Before treating the ear infection, you must recognize it first.

Signs to Recognize Dog Ear Infections

Some sudden irregular signs in your dog which indicate dog ear infection are mentioned below:

  • Persistent scratching in the ear and the adjacent zones
  • Yellow, red, or brownish-colored discharge
  • Excessive smell and odor in the ear
  • Redness, itchiness, swelling, scabs, or crusts inside or outside the ear
  • Hair loss from the ear
  • Hearing sensitivity
  • Loss of balance
  • Irregular eye movements and more.

Can Food Ingredients Cause Dog Ear Infection?

Just like a human, dogs might also be allergic to a few foods. This allergy is congenital. For example, some canines are naturally allergic to chicken. So, if they still continue chicken intake, then it might result in causing chicken allergies in the dog. And the most common outcomes of this allergy include skin and ear infections. Having an ear infection, it’s always better to avoid sugar and starch.

Which Food Ingredient of Dog Fest Generates Dog Ear Infections?

Not all food ingredients, but some specific ingredients cause itchiness in the ears and skin. However, this itchiness in the adjacent ear zones is known as a food allergy. It can cause secondary ear infections later on. These food allergies are usually caused due to food ingredients like beef, chicken, wheat, dairy food, rabbit, lamb, soy, pork, fish, etc. Moreover, an additional amount of sugar in your dog’s food can cause the deposition of yeast in different body parts, like the ears. The secondary result of this deposition is a dog ear infection. So you should be cautious of what to feed your dog to prevent yeast infection.

What Food Ingredients Are Safe For those Dogs Have Ear Infection?

If you encounter your dog having an ear infection, you need to exclude all sorts of sugar, protein, and carbohydrates, like beef, chicken, wheat, dairy food, rabbit, lamb, soy, pork, fish, etc. That’s because these food ingredients add further irritations to the healing process. Specifically, avoiding carbohydrates and sugar might accelerate the healing process.

Why Carbohydrates Cause Dog Ear Infection?

In the body of natural organisms, digestion takes place after consumption. While this process, carbohydrates break down to produce sugar and get mixed in the bloodstream. Thus, the produced sugar in the body feeds the natural yeast existing in the body. But carbohydrates constitute the lion’s share in the locally available processed kibbles. These carbohydrates break down, producing sugar and worsening dog ear infections.

What Foods to Feed Your Dog to Prevent Dog Ear Infection?

If your dog is not allergic to meat, then a raw diet consisting of meat and vegetables can cure his dog’s ear infection. Moreover, while selecting dog food, you need to pick up those containing a low level of sugar and carbohydrate. Among home remedies, mullein oil and garlic play significant roles in curing ear infections.

Home Remedies for Curing Dog Ear Infection

As a home remedy, a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar can be a great substitute to cure dog ear infections as soon as possible. But the professionals and vets suggest using the commercial dog ear solution, which helps in both cleaning ears as well as soothes them.


There are familiar reasons that cause ear infections in dogs. Especially in the case of food ingredients, carbohydrates and sugar cause yeast deposition and ear infections. As a cure to this problem, you should avoid providing those foods to your dog that contains carbohydrate and sugar. Again, sometimes, chicken allergy leads to an ear infection. If your canine shows allergic reactions to chicken, it is better to avoid chicken too. Home remedies, like mullein oil, garlic, and apple cider vinegar, help in curing dog ear infections. However, commercial ear solutions can bring far-reaching impacts if compared to home remedies.